Sabretooth Tips/advice

since the character forum for sabretooth appears to be dead at the moment
i thought i would ask here…
does anyone have any tips or knowledge of sabretooth they could share with me?
i might use him once the ps3 version comes out(due to the fact not many people use him and after seeing some vids of him he seems to be quite a interesting character)

You might want to ask specific questions. His rushdown is fun, Birdie is one of the better assists in the game, but he has no great ranged/antiair game. :smile:

Why don’t you try reading the information that’s already been posted in the Sabretooth forum. I’m sure any question you can think of has already been answered there. Stop being lazy.

^-- per rey’s post, because the older stuff was pruned out of his view. Same with a lot of the great old character threads.

well hows his learning curve?
how is he as a Aggressive Character?

Read the old thread, watch this, and then later on after you’re tried this, ask formed questions. :smile:

which old thread? and I’ve already seen that video

Rey linked to tons of stuff. Plus there’s GameFAQs.

His learning curve is about the same as every other character’s learning curve.
He can only really be played as an aggressive character.

well thanks for the help guys
and whoever gave me negative rep -_-
sorry i didn’t go digging through ancient threads to find what i wanted

You should be digging for the threads. You’ll find the answers you need way faster.

Also, when a board is empty, it does say:

Try that, and you’ll find more threads.