Sabretooth Video RELEASED

Well the video is finished although I feel like maybe I should have took a more tutorial-ish approach because there is ALOT of technical data that couldn’t possibly fit in this video. This is also why I also attached a text file that explains alot and is rich with information about sabretooth and the stuff done in the vid. The text file will also help you understand how to perform everything that was done in the video and what it was used for.

The video itself is really fast paced and I think you’ll enjoy it.

I want to get your feed back on what you think of the video and despite what I said before about the techincal data… I still think you might look at sabretooth differently after this. Also make sure you stick around for the credits which has some extra footage.

Hope you enjoy here it is: (should be on the top of the list, above “this is how you do it”)

If you want it in slightly better quality or something leave a comment saying so.


Good stuff.
Keep up the good work man… :tup:

wow it wasn’t bad at all, i saw the infinite not the one on the sent the other one in the corner can that be rolled out of?

More people should play low tiers

p.s. i saw some of your match videos in jin’s section they don’t work anymore got a link?

Those were from a long time ago I don’t think I have them anymore I had to reformat sorry. They weren’t that good anyways.

edit: The corner infinite…the throw can be rolled out of but I think wild fang has a special property that does not allow you to roll out.

Good watching. :tup:

Almost makes me wanna play MVC2 again.

In the combo at 1:58, you can still use the Tron assist, right? One way to add some more damage…

Gotta love the roll recovery cross-ups with his roundhouse kick. Ow. :smile:

MikeZ in his Combos 09 vid showed the nice DHC from Super Birdie to whatever trick, which leaves Super Birdie shootin’ them up, which can potentially extend combos nicely. Haven’t really toyed around with that, though.


yeah the thing is sabre at least has a reason to make them roll since he can otg you, I think you might be able to work out a mix up from the cross up glitch (it’s one of the first things on the video) tronne keeps them in block stun and you might go high or fake high and go low.

Good shit :tup: Hope to see a jin vid soon.

Awesome vid-- loved the wall-jump crossup-- and the music kicked ass.

Keep it up.

:tup: dood, submit it.

biggest spam site on the net :sad:

lmao on that music you used on the credits. shit was tight!

Good stuff Higher-Jin!!!:tup: But you make baby Sakura cry.:sad:

hey what and how did you record it?

Good vid. Nicely done. Ending was over the top. A+ Seal of approval :tup:

Credits BGM Was SO Top Tier

I got it done in my friend’s house, it came with his computer iirc.

Yeah he came up with it, it’s funny because I’m at odds with him right now. Thanks everyone for your support.

Vid is mirrored here now too:

some pretty dope shit :smiley:


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