Sabrewulf is the worst character in the game


All he has is online lag based gimmicks.

The only legit tactic he has is overpower but that’s near useless since everyone jumps around a lot and everyone can keep you mid/full screen so they can just poke you out or get a ranom hit and combo, knock you back across the screen and do it all over again.

Sabrewulf has no defensive options besides Shadow Eclipse, and you eat combo if it gets blocked and you don’t have instinct or if it whiffs.

Ragged edge is easily Shadow Countered as is any normal cancelled into hamstring or jumping slash, this can easily be done on reaction

When Sabrewulf is in the corner, he has no answers vs Orchid, who can pressure him infinitely, because her pressure doesn’t give you room to dash out, and all attempts at Shadow Eclipse can be easily baited since Orchid is +18973281947893892 frames during rekka

Sabrewulf can’t punish jump back Jago tactics unless he has meter

His combos do terrible damage compared to the rest of the cast, unless he has instinct.
Sabrewulf can generally get 40% off of a punish, while the rest of the cast gets around 55-60%, unless he’s in instinct


You’ve got be trolling me…
Anyway these discussions belong here: It’s too strong/weak...PATCH OR ADAPT?