Sackboy Help


Hello,I’m new to the forum and was wondering if I could get some help on Sackboy. I don’t really care about nerf,I get level 3 fairly easy with simple combos on Quick Match,but I played against another Sackboy the other day which seemed like a new player. Level 1 Sackboy with no title/icon,and my spirit felt crush when I saw him doing combo’s as good as mine,which isn’t that advanced,but took me awhile to find out.

Anyways I’m hoping to get better at Sackboy and wondering if anyone can help me.I want to at least get better on him before I move on to Sweet Tooth since I might start using him after I get his DLC costume which will probably be a long while from now though.

I feel completely out of league when playing against Cole,Kratos,and Dante. Dante has an attack that seems like it’s impossible to stop,he keeps attacking until you get on your knees and can repeat it. Kratos is pretty explainable,and Cole can spam his freezing attack a plenty good amount and can use his level 1 super efficiently with his freeze. I appreciate any help on how to avoid these disasters.