Sacramento Area Cvs2!

is there anyone in the sacramento area that knows of an arcade where there is some competition? i played at the gameroom in folsom a long time ago, its gone now is there any arcade around? i need to know! PLEASE!

Not that I know of. Most of the fighting game scene is dead due to lack of arcades and Patton Vending never fixing their machines. Pretty much everyone plays console only. Arcade proximity wise is probably -> UCDavis -> Fairfield Tilt

Sacramento State has a CvS2 machine but last time I was there, it was pushed into a small room and the screen was really crappy. I think they only care about marvel there but somebody please correct me if I’m wrong.

There’s a lot of players at UC davis which is a 25 minute drive. We’re not the best comp but we love the game :stuck_out_tongue:

I will be living in sac come Aug so I will see what i can do about getting gatherings and stuff set up. The cabs at sac are not great by any means but we will see what happens.


what’s ur housing situation going to be like? dorm, apt, house?

It looks like im gonna be living on campus.


Your best bet is to just head over to Davis if you have a car. The players there are all pretty into fighting games with a few notable players stopping in every once in a while. There will be bi-weekly ranking tournies every week starting soon and the scene is starting to pick up nicely.

I was watching your youtube vids at ramnation tyram. Pretty impressed, you should come to Davis and play a few. I think you’d give most of us a run for our money, or tokens I guess?

thanks Pieguy, yeah ill definitely hit Davis up when i get situated out in sac.

are there people playing at davis right now? is muga even open?

yeah that Tyram guy is pretty good. At least, he never gets last cuz he always manages to beat a few people…some of those names always seem to come up right under his name as well. But yeah, he’s probably one of the top players of Sac. I can’t think of many more players from Sacramento who could beat him.


thanks! :tup:

Eric Choi and I think Tanaka (think his first name is Jeff?) are probably the best players that visit Davis. There’s one more player (Andrew whose last name I don’t know) who could definitely hang with a lot of California’s best. I’m not so sure if Davis is busy right now since it’s summer but during the year, it’s busy from 11am-5pm every weekday with MvC2, SF3 and CvS2 players.

And yes, people are playing now that summer session is starting and the Muga is definitely open. The sticks are always working, the machines are always in good conditions and the screens are large (except for the SF3 cab which is regular). Everything will be eventually moved to large wall mounted flatscreens and there will be a few head to head cabs installed. Hopefully this all falls through by the start of September. If it does, competition is going to pick up like nuts.

which days gets the most players (in order of preference, cvs2, then 3s).
since i imagine they are only taking one class and only going to be in the gameroom those days that they have classes.

do people even come on weekends during summer session?