Sacramento's (916) Petition for SFIV/SSFIV Arcade Thread


Hello all fellow SRK members,

I have run across quite a few people that would love to have a SFIV/SSFIV arcade cabinet here in Sacramento, and this is the thread where we, as a fighting game community, can sign a petition so we can get a SFIV arcade cabinet in Roseville’s Golfland Sunsplash.

Rules :
1 - One signature per person
2 - Please do not use mule accounts to sign more than once.
3 - When first posting here, please leave your:
[]Real Name
]Phone Number
[]Mailing Address (optional)
]Email (optional)

4 - Please feel free to discuss in this thread. Please follow all forum guidelines and procedures.

Here are few ways to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or comments :
Phone : 916-397-3416
Email :
Fax : 916-722-1656
websites : - username : sakabato24 - username : sakabato24 - username : sakabato24 - username : Robert Ramos - username : sakabato24
Xbox Live - sakabato24
PSN - sakabato24

If at any time you will like to help me get signatures, please feel free to download this Word Doc and get people to sign it.
Download :

Send the signatures via fax number or scan it and send it to me via email.

Please support the 916 area in getting a SFIV/SSFIV arcade cabinet in the Sac-Town Area. Get Hype!



User Applicants :
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do we have to put our adress up?


Addresses are optional. Sorry, should of mentioned it earlier


RGL Sucks. I love it for ID and MaxiTune but they NEVER do maintanence. EVER.

P.S. This is White Shadow.


I would never go there =(

Good luck though. People who petition please only sign this if you really are willing to go to the location and drop money into the machine. There is no reason for this venue to waste money on a machine that will never be used.


I hear you on that. Almost everything there is either worn down or flat out broken, but it would still be nice to get more FG members to come to the arcades since the regulars usually only play ID, Beatmania or Maxi. I feel lonely when I’m the only one that’s using the SNK cabinets that are from the 90’s and were not taken care of since then.


Cool idea but I don’t think that Super SF IV will be getting an arcade release and once it’s released I doubt that anyone would want to play SF IV. I have a candy cab that I’m trying to fix up and I thought about renting it out to Sunsplash or another arcade like that. I would really like it if I could get Super SF IV in there somehow and we could have a place to meet for Super SF IV; and some tournaments would be great. I’m not done setting everything up so I haven’t called any arcades yet but 916, 530 for me, could really use some more local competition. Anyone remeber that arcade that used to be off of Douglas right behind Dimple Records? That was a great spot for some Marvel vs Capcom 2 comp. Or how about the Gameroom in Citrus Heights? BTW, does anyone know the legalities of having a 360 or PS3 in a candy cab at an arcade and generating revenue from it?


I know that in LA, there is a mall there that had a Xbox 360 Setup that generated revenue for people playing SFIV on it, I think it’s best try it out first and see what happens or you can try to ask/browse around more to see about the legality about generating revenue.


The download link for the Word file for the petition is up! Please download and help me out getting signatures!


If they supplied the buttons, I’d maintain that shit myself. That being said, they dont even have any decent fgs there anymore.


They have a crap-tastic CvS Chaos cabinet and broken SNK cabinet. I wish I could just sneak in there one time and swap everything out of those cabinets to make those games work!


i just want to ask a question. Why would u want to put SF4 in RVGL? Even if its there that cab isn’t going to last long. Plus workers at RVGL dont care about there machines or they just dont kno wat the fuck there doing. There’s no point of putting a SF4 cab there its a waste.


Then where do you suggest a good to place a SSFIV/SFIV cab? I need to know this from the general 916 people so I can get a general idea of where to get one here. RVGL is the closet place I work at and also closest to where I live, thus why I suggested it. Davis is a bit far for me since I live in the Citrus Heights area, the Sunrise Mall got rid of their arcade there long ago, and Scandia is probably more worse that RGL.


u can put it at RVGL. Im just saying that it will be a waste.


I think what Saka is trying to do is go for the biggest location and thus bringing in more people. I think if we got a cab somewhere is Roseville with heavy traffic that not only the fighting game community would support it, but also the locals would help bring in revenue. I’m all for the idea of Super SF IV cab/console setup somewhere, but for it to be worthwhile to an arcade is where the real work comes in.


Hey Saka, r u still trying for this?


Yes, I’m still trying for this, but as of right now, I’m bogged down with school and I talked to the General Manager about it, and he said it’s going to be hard to get one there because of the economic times. He is willing to get one though if I can get some cross-reference data from other Golflands that do own an SFIV cabinet.
I know that Sunnyvale’s GL has a SFIV arcade and I have called them up, no reply as of yet. They will either reply via email or by calling me.


no reason to get SFIV arcade now because i don’t want to them to lose money. if there is SSFIV arcade, i would support. How about other blazblue: continuum shift arcade?