Sacramento's new thread

need something to read when i come on srk

who still plays really? xeno, orochi anyone? as far as i know me, larry, randy, popo, anthony, and even josh still plays occasionally.

what up. the remaining people that play should post here. newer players arnt allowed :lol:

hey me and som still play :smiley:

all nite :wasted: :wasted: …

Yay go new thread :confused:

can i go with someone to berkeley next week? :bluu:

i still want to play, i’m basically practicing by myself. starting to use C groove.but i can’t run or small jump.=( so maybe K…naw i won’t go to the darkside yet.besides no roll super.anyways does anyone go to the gr anymore?

I will be at Berkeley next week for the tourney…Mikey, call me and practice 3s.


Hey sup Mikey. I still play…are you free on weds??? Maybe we can practice.


Maybe we’ve been looking at the Sacramento gaming scene wrong all of these years, and that’s why both GRs got closed.

I think we should start a gang. We could all wear yellow bandanas like when they show gangs in movies or on TV, but don’t want to show REAL gang colors. And we could fight people who play Warcraft, and slap around people who get together and play Magic: The Gathering. And if they try to shut a new arcade down, we all get together and pay a visit to that person’s house at 2AM…

But I digress. I play (A2, A3, Marvel 2) when I can, but usually I can’t. Willing to practice with folks in 3S, CvS2, ST etc, though I’m not great in any of them.

I’ll probably be at ARC monday

I live about 3 minutes form the GR, it still open and running?.. how much longer? ;/

Ima be at ARC Mon-Thurs, and in the arcade around 12:30ish

Is the Marvel 2 machine at ARC still busted?

P1’s side JoyStick is being homosexual…cant go down, thats what it was like all first week… doubt its fixed yet, so only P2’s side works

Even on MvC1, P2’s side, the MK button doesnt work :bluu:

guy was in thursday & "fixed’ it. but it’s still shit

edit:i want to go to berkeley =(

abby- yea ill play. iv’e played a lil to a point where i actually get the game. i dont get throwned to much at least now.

jhamarr- just call me up. whenever u wanna practice, and i’ll see if larry and everyone else is down.

Good to see Sac still in the scene…Keep it up homies…Sup Mikey I look forward to some more showdowns in CVS2…so fear my S-Groove!!! Peace…

 -B.:mad: :cool:

Sounds good Mikey, I will be going to Berkeley…who else is this Saturday?

Yea it seems they fixed the MvC1&2 machines at AR, and someone even turned on Free Play on SFA3 haha, so i played that a bit

i want to play

yea but then that ass clown with the cane came in saw it was on free play & turned off. NOW IT’S 50 CENTS!!! it’s like playing at the GR.:mad:

50 CENTS!!! I’m sticking to the MvCs now. This is why link cables are essentials in everyday life. Kirby owns once again!