Sacramento's new thread

50 cents!!! that bastard must of came in after i left today, WTF, well he isnt gunna get much business off that machine now.

Well ima be at the MvC machine as usuall then -_-

Does anybody play MvC at ARC? If so, I’ll go. I’m looking for some good practice. Its been awhile, time to pull out good ol “wolver-der” as Mikey put it.

Hey Mikey for CvS2 though, I’m not much of a challenge. Payaso and Tanaka are a lot better than I am at that game, so you might wanna play against them. But I’m still decent at MvC2 and still great at MvC :smiley:

Yea, Its prob the game i play the most. Im there Mon-Thurs, at random times. Im the only guy that uses Hulk/Jin. So if you see that group, thats me. Im not the best, But im good practice :smiley:

im going with u :evil: i hit u up on ur phone. g2g lates.

What games do you all like to play other than MVC2 and CVS2?

me 3S & GGXX.

3s, 2nd impact, vampire saviour, ggxx…

:mad: gooo Hulk. :mad:

chess is too good.

Hey all.

Don’t go to AR anymore, at CSUS now and trying to stay away from the arcade there (I want to get good grades for a change… :smiley: )

ARCade was fun, until the massively heaping helping of ghey that happened last semester… Which unfortunately sucked me into it…

I heard that there was going to be a new arcade in Old Sac where the old one once was (if anyone remembers it…). Rumored to be a Nickel City… Tired of going to Sunsplash & Scandia… Anyone hear anything?

Shouts out to everyone I knew out there: Mohammed, Shiraq, Mike (the one who played Megaman in MvC and called me Zangief), “El Jefe”, “Ape Poo”, The guy with the frizzy fro who would I would always challenge his V-Sak with my X-Dhalsim, and anyone else I forgot.

“Dave’s not here man…”

sac sucks. … insanelee #1!

Later dayz BBC. Last semester was a bit stupid… oh well. I’ve heard a few things about that nickle city as well, we’re all gonna go check it out sometime soon. It’s supposed to be $2 to get in, then just .05 - .10. Beats 50 cents for Alpha 3.

yo im still playing…me and marcus were at the the gr until 3:30 last night for its big farewell…so yea console play anyone? i too am going to berkeley…damn its been a long time and it will be an even longer time before im on soryuken again…so aim me to play, kidkryptesthesia…im still glad that yall are still posting though…um cooo, cya

who in sac is going tomorrow to berkeley for the tourney and then to hot pot city???

hmm abby ur cell phones broken or something?? i just moved so no action from me for berkley, just settling in. Moving from upstairs to downstairs & back upstairs = too tactical :frowning:

damnit popo.

This thread also needs to die…but since it’s here I guess that I’ll have to say something.

School is too consuming…Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is my life…getting new DVD’s rocks…good bye…:lame:

I’ll try to stop by Arc then on Fri, since I’ll have some time. I’ll probably let you guys know what time later on in the week. I hope the MvC machine works =P.
Mikey where are you? Lets meet up, I’ll play against you a couple of games. See if I still got it in MvC.

:frowning: :cool: :rolleyes: :mad: :bluu: :confused:

my momma!?!?! :mad: :mad: :mad:

ah fuck it.