Sad day for dark hadou

DP’s can still be stuffed for combo, it’s just different now. Currently you stuff a DP by timing the dive kick so that it hits slightly after they execute the DP. As you can see in this vid the way to stuff DP’s is with true meaties - [media=youtube]GBck6vH3Nxw#t=48s[/media]

Also an example of it in this vid - [media=youtube]1okgUYaoUxg#t=30s[/media]

The changes in SSF4 make Akuma better, not worse. Now you can dive kick with impunity. If you trade or hit too late you still get damage and if you time it right you get full combo. Very little fear of a trade and eating an ultra now.

According to someone I can’t name. Sagat can still trade into f rh into ultra. Also when Akuma beats Sagats TU it causes sagat to flip instead of you getting a combo.

Also in that video they are doing the dp REALLY late. No one is going to wait to do a DP late if there is a big change for someone to land a combo on late DP’s so they would do it earlier or no DP at all.

Yes, that is with the current DF setups. You need to be meaty now.

When you do the dive kick meaty they have no choice but to DP late. It’s either DP late or not at all.

I’m glad ShinAkuma came with the objectivity…he’s right. DF kick is a lot less risky.
IDK about you but I don’t rely heavily on beating reversals, my wakeup combos come mostly from the opponent guessing wrong on ambigious dive kick or grab, sometimes they eat x-up tatsu, all that jazz.

The thing you have to remember is this effects everyone and also Akuma is not a one trick pony.

This is actually a good day for dark hadou (I think you mean Satsui no Hado).


We’ll play soon West! You always hit me up when I just got done playing somebody or I’m not up for it. I gotta be in a certain mood to play Akuma mirrors. They’re not very fun to me, but I do need to play them to keep my match up knowledge sharp.

I hear you on that Versatile… I hate mirror matches in SF games for the most part… but I loved me some yoshi mirrors and a lot of mirrors in 3d fighters… but akuma mirrors are just …very UGG. They are important to play and get used to though as the match-up can be a bitch if you don’t know what to look for/go for.

I’m really getting tired of all the new bad information and new bad then turns out to be good then bad then good … information ppl keep posting. Honestly I think hearsay should be put in a completely different thread called “Like… I TOOoooOOOtally heard this chick say…” thread. Irritating.

And straight up west. Reversal dive kick is something I use but for the most part if I dive kick its really with no intention of LOOKING for a counter as much as it is “hey… I got a counter…cool.” And good players know by now that he can counter hit with it consistently on wake-up and so they block more which means you don’t get it that often anyway.

but in fairness to the thread OP… that WAS ken and not ryu in the video Shin posted. A change in having to hit the kick earlier than now might take away certain set-ups on 3 frame ryu (might not… I don’t know the frame crap on a demon flip AND time of knockdown etc to say one way or the other). But it DOES mean that now akuma can pressure people with dive kick even easier than before which is all you got against good players usually anyway.

I don’t get it… So now I’m gonna be able Dive Kick Ryu on wakeup, trade and not eat an ultra… And thatssssssssssssssssssssss… Bad?

it’ll be a reset and not a dive kick combo, like beating chuns ex-sbk

Ryu was never the point of discussion.

im sure ??? - Momochi will still find a way of beat the Ish out of people with this “New” type akuma

hmmmm I think I saw it on eventhubs,but the copies of ssfIV that have been played an have showed up on youtube aren’t the final build of the game.They may have all the characters but Seth said “no one has the final build but the replication company”,so we will know what can and cant be done once we have are hands on it.

If he doesn’t go back to Makoto. It’s cool to look forward to what Momochi is going to do in Super, and I’m right there with you(he’s my favorite player), but you most importantly should worry about YOU finding a way to win with the new akuma.

When you say meaty are you talking about like back in 3s when you late canceled a df?

Yes. Currently you can beat reversal DP by timing the DF so that the kick is just above their head so that if they reversal it will;

a- Whiff dude to the forward motion of the DP
b- Lose to the dive kick because they will DP before the kick actually hits so they pass invincibility frames.

However is Super it would appear that you can stuff some DP’s with a meaty attack ie:your active hit box is overlapping on them. So basically you would want the DF kick to be in them when the wake up.

I always thought stuffing DP’s was hitting the dive kick at the jumps apex. I’ve been misinformed for so long.

That aside, do you think early cancels and late cancels will be as much apart of Akumas game this time around?

You probably should utilize those divekicks. It’s pretty much your only safe route to getting in their face. Plus, you can OS a sweep or SRK in case they backdash. With that kind of pressure, you can fake them out with empty jump-ins or DF grabs.

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