"Sad" - Decapre safejumps



5f Safejump
Regular wakeup: Dash forward, neutral jump HP
Delayed wakeup: Dash forward, Cr. LP, neutral jump HP
Credits to nickdekline.

Target combo 1 > Airthrow
Character specific safejump
Regular wakeup: Earliest timing airthrow, Cr.LP on landing, jump forward LK
Delayed wakeup: Earliest timing airthrow, Cr.MK on landing, jump forward LK
Works on: Adon, Balrog, M. Bison, Blanka, Cammy, Chun Li, Cody, Decapre, Dhalsim, Dudley, El Fuerte, Gen, E. Honda, Juri, Rolento, Rose, Rufus, Sagat, Sakura, Vega, C. Viper.
Credits to Trapy.

Razor Edge Slicer
4f Safejump
Regular wakeup: Slight delay, late neutral jump HP. It’s really finnicky.
Credits to Sebastian Rikk

4f Safejump
Regular wakeup: Hold forward jump during DCM, late jump HK
Delayed wakeup: Cr.LP, forward jump, late jump HK

4f Safejump
Regular wakeup: Walk forward slightly, jump forward LK
Delayed wakeup: Cr.LP, walk forward slightly (or reverse order), jump forward LK

Will cross up at closer ranges but it’s a true safejump regardless of which side it hits on.

LP Rapid Dagger
Quickrise: Hold forward jump during Dagger, late jump HK
Regular wakeup: After quickrise setup, wait a few frames then neutral jump HP
Works on: Decapre, E. Honda, Makoto, Gen, Ibuki, Sakura, Yun, Juri, Chun Li, M. Bison, Cody, Guile, Rufus*, Fei Long, Adon, Yang
*quick rise setup works, slow rise does not

MP Rapid Dagger
Quickrise: Hold forward jump during Dagger, late jump HK
Regular wakeup: After quickrise setup, wait a few frames then neutral jump HP
Works on: E.Honda, Dudley, Gen, Sakura, Yun*, Juri, Chun Li, C.Viper, M. Bison, Sagat, Cody**, Rolento, Rufus, El Fuerte, Vega, Fei Long, Adon, Yang
*LK but not EX upkicks
**Bad spray beats quickrise setup

HP Rapid Dagger
Quickrise: Hold forward jump during Dagger, late jump HK
Regular wakeup: After quickrise setup, wait a few frames then neutral jump HP
Works on: E.Honda, Seth, Gen, Elena, Juri, Chun Li, Dhalsim*, C. Viper, M. Bison, Sagat, Deejay, Cody, Rolento, Poison, Rufus, El Fuerte, Vega, Balrog, Rose
*quickrise is same, delay nj for regular wakeup

Neutral jump seems to be the same duration as forward jump so you can replace forward jump hk with neutral jump hp in the corner and the setups should work the same as midscreen. Only tested with HP dagger quickrise though.

Super rad dagger safejump chart by Trapy


good shit noosetester


^what he said!


2nd on the good shit.

Q: Do the Target Combo 1 > Airthrow setups also apply to Psycho Sting FADC Airthrow?


I don’t think you can grab as early from the FADC as from the target combo so i’m guessing no


soooo i did some testing, and while it’s not a reaaaaal safejump it does stuff reversal timing dps

can’t do uppercuts while recording with one hand but i assure that (reversal timing)uppercuts are stuffed
edit: occured to me that i can do uppercuts with one hand on pad so there you go, proper video now


would it be possible to auto correct the dp and punish?




yep late srk or cross-cut beat it

its useful against mashers, i think


you might be able to mess with it and get it where it’s not autocorrectable. Depending on the timing thats certainly doable off of her other knockdowns.


by varying the length of the walk back and slight delays in the airthrow, i managed to get different timings for how you should delay the uppercut, but none that was completely safe from every variant of a delayed uppercut

i still think it’s a good tool to have, especially against online nuts


updated with 4f sweep safejump. might be useful after some psycho stream setups? there might be a better way to do the delayed wake up version


4f safejump
there’s a slight delay before the cr.mk, but i can’t find a frame perfect framekill, so that’s the best i’ve got for now on a reliable throw timing


There doesn’t seem to be an OS thread yet as such so may as well post it here. Can anyone clarify if this is a true OS against akuma in the corner? On sweep, nj HP and mash H Rapid Daggers. Should be safe from akuma’s DP but more importantly gets free damage when he teleports out. I haven’t tried it properly on other teleporters but just wondering.

Other thing I wanna experiment with is jumping HK into U2. May beat back dashers and auto correcting teleporters. All of this is in my head atm I haven’t had an opportunity to properly test this but just throwing ideas into everyone’s head here


you won’t have time to charge u2 during a jump so it has to be os:ed in the blockstring, i’m assuming


I’ve been working on safe jump from TC1, instead of doing it early to do grab at max jump hieght, land cr mk jump forward hk. works on Decapre might be character specific cause I could have sworn I used cr mp on someone else (maybe Ryu)


Off back throw: (stuffs reversal timed shoto DPs or causes them to whiff, except for Ken’s mp SRK)

Back throw, tiny step back, tiny pause, jf hp.


I really need some safe jumps. I’ve tried to figure out but can’t seem to find any good ones. I really need to implement them in my gameplan


Just saw this, new to the game but was testing out decapre stuff and found a 4f safe jump off of B. throw:

B. Throw
walk forward 1 step.
n. jump HP (delay it as much as possible).

Blocks any 4f DP, but makes ken’s MP Shoryuken and Yang’s lk DP whiff. Stuffs other Yang DP, stuffs Adon DP (blocks EX).

Loses to Yun’s EX upkicks, 3f DPs, Parrys, Makoto EX karakusa, Gouken EX tatsu.

I’ve tested against most of the usual options, but if you guys find anything else lemme know.


I just found a 5 frame safejump that is actually legit.

Targetcombo into airthrow. You have to do the airthrow as late and as close to the ground as possible. After that you dash once, whiff a cr.LP and then nj.HP.
It’s actually pretty easy to get and not a “fake” safejump. It makes contact on block.