Sad news for the pirates. Peter sunde arrested


had to happen sooner or later.



the internet will surely respond unkindly.




They couldn’t keep Kim DotCom down, hopefully he can find a way out too.


Looks like the pirates have been overtaken




I thought someone finally got that 400 million berries.


This is moot.
The game of unwinnable whack-a-mole will continue for those against freedom of information.


On a positive note, piratebay is still up.

Is there another torrent site to use instead?

I miss demonoid, that one was great. The earliest one I remember was supratorrent or something like that.


RIP demonoid, you were too beast! They need to base these companies in the canary islands and declare them banks, then no one would bother shutting them down.



I only use private sites anyway. safer, better, faster :cool:


From a month ago:

Told you so.


If you use a .ph instead of a .com when looking up that site you’ll be in for a surprise. Your old account should still work.


You’re too fat to be trying to suck your own dick, kid.




Whoa…it’s back! Awesome! And my old account still works!

This was always the best one. Well after supratorrents died anyway. I don’t really get much these days but I’m sure now that it’s back I’ll find stuff.


Yarr harr fiddle-dee-dee
Being a pirate is alright with me!
Do what you want cause a pirate is free…wait a minute


he’ll weasel his way out soon. probably gonna download himself to a different location, lol.


How did megaupload get shut down completely but thepiratebay didn’t?


But… is Luffy gonna be Pirate King or nah?