Sad that DR. Ray got eliminated. (SF)

Who would have thought that a person of my heritage would get this far and did so well. Beating Gamerbee, Vangief, and J wong. I was totally surprised and in awe. There isnt much (or any) scene in DR so this completely amazed me. Not only is it inspirational for myself but it shows us that no matter where you live at you can still be great in this game. So just because you live in a state/country that doesnt have a great scene doesn’t mean you suck and shouldn’t try out for EVO. =D

There is a big community in DR :

woah, this is… Amazing. =] Thanks for sharing. But I personally dont think the scene is as big as you think. Hopefully I am wrong about that.

Yea hes an amazing player. When I heard he beat PR Balrog 50-12 when he went over to his country I already expected high things as PR himself beat players like Tokido before.

Great top 8 too, although I was missing some key players in the top 32. Didnt like Haitani come? Nemo? Sako? Clakey? Air? Alloine? PR Balrog ? Mike too but I saw his twitter.

Air did come but I havent seen him. I just heard him on the stream. And saw his name in the bracket

by heard him on the stream i mean his name came up on the stream not that he was talking on the stream

Is not as big as a USA city scene, but for a country this size, is pretty good. There was a lot of comp. for CvS2/ST/MKT/KOF and Smash, but right now everyone is playing marvel and AE.

Also there are 2 or 3 players on the same level or above DR Ray (Focus, Zangiefnario and Captain Abott) with some more 2 or 3 just below him, so i might add that the level is decent over here.

Sad that he got eliminated? Shit, I was rooting for him because he made it that far!

I’m Dominican too and I was extremely surprised (not because he was Dominican, since a lot of Dominicans in NY play FGs) but because he was directly from the island. He did amazingly well, I’ve actually looked for his Facebook just to give him props for that serious ass whooping he was putting on display against top players. Ese tiguere es un montro lol

Yeah, lots of Dominican players here in NYC but because he was from the actual island is why I was so surprised as well. The power of bruce lee esta con este tipo.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing dude. Good to see good Dominican Players

im sad mike ross didn’t even make top 16

He got eliminated by CJ The Truth I believe.

This just makes me think, if mike loses to these guys, what will happen in japan!?

I was rootin for dr rey he stirred the shit up early on with his taunts…

Ray was the most entertaining player on the stream. He had a “fuck it, just do it” attitude. So unpredictable

thats funny i thought the same thing ,i like that attitude…