Saddest-Looking Gamer Room Setups


“Too broke for HDTV? Gaming on the cheap? Boost your morale by laughing at other people’s sad-looking gaming setups. Ghetto-fabulous!!!”

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Pfft this guy is playing on an lcd, everybody knows that crt is the best


lol that is so fucking epic!!!


Damn, I didn’t know they let you play gamecube in prison.


Hell if it lets you play the game then it’s fine.


why the hell is the setup with the Ogre Battle screen on there? it didn’t look like he had any current gen consoles, and everone knows those old consoles look like shit on HDTV’s. It’s probably and old picture, no reason it should be there.


Leave the CRTs alone! :sad:

This one was damned funny though:


They got “epic” and “sad” mixed up.


Stuck in 1965? Wow. You have to love the rear-surround set-up!