Sadira needs to get nerfed badly


Jump back Kunai is OP.
It’s completely safe because she can attack even if you block it, she can do it all day off of backwards jump and be completely safe the whole match, and when she lands a hit and you’re grounded, you get comboed.
No character should be able to start a combo from a state that when hit in, you are uncomboable.
Her Instinct is OP.
It stays there for too long, doesn’t go away when she’s hit.
Too good at controlling space for an extremely mobile character, give that shit to Glacius, he needs it.
The spin is OP.
It’s completely safe, yet low invincible? Come on Double Helix, were you on crack when you balanced her?

Sadira needs to take a larger amount of damage while airborne since she’s so mobile.
90% of the time you hit Sadira, she’s airborne, because quick stand is way too fast in this game, and she has invincible moves.
A character that stays in an uncomboable state should take tons more damage from this uncomboable state since she just zips all around the screen and you hit her and you’re opponent’s like “lol 5%” and does it all over again.
There’s no risk if you stay airborne all game, but huge reward since kunai starts combos, plus she has air combos. She gets more damage than you do in the air when she’s the one who should be taking more damage.

Sadira needs to get nerfed badly or this game might as well be named Sadira Instinct

Scrubquotes is back!

TL;DR you suck at the Sadira’s match up and you want double helix to cater to you. Go take a timeout in gamefaqs and think about what you did.


How long has the game been out, 2 months? What makes you think that you, or anyone aside from Double Helix, know enough about the game to be able to accurately balance it, or even determine if it’s unbalanced in the first place?


Is this a parody of Acid Glow’s Sabrewulf thread? It’s missing videos if so.


I seriously doubt any of you have even played a Sadira that wasn’t above level 5


That’s irrelevant to this discussion. You think the character’s broken when the game’s only been out for months and that the developers were too stupid/high to notice how Sadira supposedly shits on every other character in the game.


I’ve played Draman’s Sadira a lot. The Original poster is insane. Learn the matchup.


They need to put nerf in her bra so that her boobs are bigger and bouncier.


I’ve played against the number 1 ranked Sadira numerous times including a FT10 set. The only thing that I feel needs nerfed is her unbreakable combos (that supposedly can lead up to 50 percent damage). Other than that she’s pretty fine. Once you knock her down she’s pretty free on wake up. Her Shadow DP has like one frame of invincibility and is pretty easy to stuff. Her ground normals and qcf+P move aren’t terrible in the spacing game, but pretty much all of the cast can beat her on the ground fairly easily. She doesn’t really have a reason to be playing footsies on the ground. Unless she is within s.LP or c.LP range she really shouldn’t be on the ground.

Once people learn more damaging juggle combos, like SFxT the AA issue will be less of a problem.


What we really need is good information on what is safe and what’s not, and the best ways to punish.


Oh, here comes the waves of scrubs who think they have the game completely figured out after just a few months.
History repeats itself time and time again.
You should learn to avoid bad situations, not cry that you don’t have an answer for every situation.


All the frame data’s online, and it’s in-game too

The only thing that there’s no frame data for is linkers, because I’m certain that linkers have drastically different frame data than if the special was used as an opener, otherwise manuals wouldn’t be possible

But maybe it’s the manuals that have different timing too? I’ve gotten a cr.HK manual with Sabrewulf off of Hamstring opener when the frame data says that it shouldn’t be possible, same goes for Ragged Edge opener

Or maybe it’s both manuals and linkers that have different frames than when used outside of a combo?

Or maybe Prima/in-game frame data is just wrong?

I don’t know


Here is someone how took the time to explain.

And like others said before me… The game isn’t even 2 months old, let it breathe.
We don’t want any more Netherrealm kneejerk reaction patches.

And third, there is a nice sticky thread for discussions like these: It's too strong/weak...PATCH OR ADAPT?