Sadira Tips: The Web of Information



I’m picking up Sadira and find her really fun, so I figured why not swap what we can even with our early experience with a new game :smiley:

  • She has some interesting movement options with a double jump, wall jump and a straight down dive kick. Goes without saying (but saying for the sake of it!) that your air movement is a key to your matchups, and using it well will help you a lot.

  • Getting them into the air with juggles where they can’t break is some guaranteed damage. Comboing into her ground heavy special moves (Recluse and Bladed Demon) get you juggles. BD is a jump cancel into whatever and Recluse usually makes the opponent switch sides so you have to hold the other direction forward and HK to get a launch.

Really basic stuff, but I’m hoping some lab techs come in and educate us more :slight_smile:

What I need some help with are what to anti air jump ins with. Recluse (QCB+K, I might have the name wrong) seems to work, and a close HP seems to be an uppercut but I’m wondering if there’s anything really cool or helpful to use besides those.

What are her ground poke options that are good? I find myself pressing s.MK a lot.

Also some tips on using her instinct mode would be awesome. If someone could point me in the direction of combos into/out of it, or setups and the like that’d be awesome as well! Thanks for your time folks.


She actually reminds me a bit of SFxT Juri and SF4 C.Viper with her mobility options and jump cancel-able moves. I’ve only had 2 hours of play time with the game but from what a friend was explaining to me of the game engine here’s what I’ve figured out with the character.


s.Forward, cr.Forward, s.Fierce, and sometimes s.Roundhouse seem like her go to pokes. All of these can be cancelled into Bladed Demon (qcf+P) so seems like you’re fishing with one of these pokes while buffering it in. Bladed Demon is negative on block so you want to hit confirm into it. Jab version is only -3 on block and pushes you away so it’s mostly safe on block but I’m sure there’s an EX special that could punish it.

Her cr.Short is 4 frame start up but when your mashing it on whiff it looks like it’s 2 frames. lol

f+RH is her go-to Anti-Air. It has an 8 frame start up, really good hit box, and has some invincibility, iirc but someone will need to verify this with attack data on in training mode. It’s also jump cancel-able on hit so if you successfully AA with it, immediately jump cancel into j.Forward (2 hits) xx qcf+Fierce/PP. I think EX Recluse has a 2 frame start up with full invincibility so it’s a really good reversal and AA.

Her jumping normals are special cancel-able on hit/block (not sure if all of them are) so you can cancel into her air fireball or wall cling. Not sure if you’d want to do this on block but thought it was interesting she could do this. Her j.Forward hits twice but only on hit not on block and you can special cancel on both hits. Her j.down+Forward is a straight down dive (not a dive kick), has minimal height restrictions (can’t do it low to the ground), and is +5 on block but the timing on when you can pressure after wards feels awkward.

j.RH is her cross up from a normal jump but it seems like it needs to be done from point blank range. Otherwise, you have to utilize her double jump to get her j.Forward to cross up. j.Fierce doesn’t cross up but it’s deceptive looking so you swap between j.RH or j.Fierce to cross up or not cross up the opponent, which kind of reminds me of C.Viper. Her double jump can be done really low to the ground so you can do things like jump over your opponent then double jump back wards for double cross ups. You can also utilize her j.qcb+P to get j.RH to cross up but it’s slow so you need to trick the opponent with j.down+Forward to bait out AA’s to condition them.

Combos and Combo Theory:

Seems like the best way to maximize your damage output with Sadira is using EX linkers liberally (meter gain is quick in this game) and ending in juggles because juggles can’t be combo broken. You basically follow the combo route of the game engine - Opener, Auto Double/Manual, Linker/Shadow Linker, Auto Double/Manual, Ender. One of her weakness seems like she has no Ender that either builds meter or does pure damage but the trade off is that all of her Enders are jump cancel-able so you can always end your combo in a juggle combo for free damage.

Juggles dramatically increase the game’s equivalent of Hit Stun Decay so you don’t want to take too long to lead into an Ender otherwise your juggle combo will fail and you lose out on damage.

Her throw is also jump cancel-able so you can do throw, j.Forward (2 hits) xx qcf+Fierce/PP.

Manuals were compared to links so I was using the frame data in training mode to try and build manuals but the frame data doesn’t add up. Her qcb+Forward linker puts her at +5 on hit but I can manual a s.Fierce after wards even though s.Fierce has an 8 frame start up. Anyways, I think manuals are going to be important in the meta to make combo breaking harder, locking out your opponent, and optimizing your damage output. I was experimenting with what manuals Sadira had and found a few.

[] = Holding the button down

cr.Forward xx qcf+Strong, s.Strong (Manual)
combo starter, auto double xx qcb+[Forward] (3 hit hard linker), s.Fierce (Manual) - You can swap qcb+[Forward] with qcf+[Strong]
combo starter into whatever, Instinct Mode Activation, Fierce+Roundhouse (Instinct Web), s.Strong/Fierce (Manual)

Her instinct mode seems incredibly important in her game. Most characters just get buffs in their instinct mode (ie. Jago’s regen, and Glacius’ super armor) but Orchid and Sadira’s Instinct are unique in that their instinct is another special move. In the case of Sadira, she places a web trap on the screen and you can only have one out on screen. The existing web trap has to disappear before another one can be set out so it’s not really wise to lay one out for space control purposes. It’s a good tool for oki as you can do a knockdown activate instinct, place a web trap on top of the opponent and then go for a mix up. It’s also good as a combo extender as you can cancel her normals into the web trap and then go into a manual after wards into another web trap.

EDIT: She can also jump cancel her normals in instinct mode so looks like you can do some cross up setups and resets with this.

Based on that video you should be able to combo Fierce auto doubles into a jump cancelled j.RH x N but sure if that was just Ultra combo specific.


Oh man that was a nice piece of info. Jump cancels in instinct mode I didn’t know about, that’s going to be nasty haha. For reliable anti airs I know she has her F+RH, but her Recluse (crescent kick, whatever it’s called) does a good job I’ve found as well after I’ve played it more. It covers the front and most of her back, and definitely a jump arc. It’s good on wake up too if the opponent is jumping in without a meaty. I can’t remember if you can turn it into a bigger combo though.

I love her instinct mode but I find myself having trouble using it outside of trying to combo with it. If I activate and the match goes back to the neutral game, I see more experienced people try to run away from it, especially if they have a life lead. If you have the life lead and they need to come in, or you activate against Jago, it does well. You can choose to take a trade with the opponent and let the web out to get a combo, meanwhile you just eat a random normal hit.

Some more general stuff:

  • When moving about in the air with combinations of double jump and wall jump, after a wall jump I find her air web balls are the safest approach. On whiff the M and H versions alter your jump arc, on hit the H version gives you a combo, and the L version is pretty safe overall unless they read the wall jump and air to air you first. Her air normals don’t arc down as much as I’d like so an air to ground like that is sometimes risky. If you know you are going to hit though, by all means come down with a normal.

  • The web ball jump arcs are something to keep in mind. You don’t always need to hit with them, sometimes they put you in good positions.

  • Dive kick (air d+mk) is pretty unsafe on block. I think the frame data has it at +5 (if I’m wrong correct me please), and I was testing it with a friend before and he was able to block and punish me no problem for it. I didn’t think of trying to cancel it on block, if that’s even possible though.

  • Shadow (EX) Blade Demon is a good punish tool from mid distance if you need to get in there quickly and you see the opening.

  • Jump over the opponent once, and when you get lower double jump back over them and you can usually bait something out sometimes. You keep facing the same direction so if you stick out a normal it should be aiming at them, unless they move or something.

I’m no expert obviously, I’m just putting out what I know so far.


You can get amazing mixups off her medium punch web ball - it changes your jump arc in the perfect way to cross up. Jump in front of the opponent - MP web ball to hit them from the front - then crossup HK in the back. It’s pretty dirty. Believe it or not you can actually cross up the opponent from FULL SCREEN.

Jump towards->double jump towards->HP Wall Bounce->MP Web Ball (hit in front)->HK Crossup

It’s kind of ridiculous… I love it! :slight_smile:


Ok - more useful info incoming! :slight_smile: Seems I’m finding new stuff every day - god I love this game! Anyways - it seems that Sadira’s favorite spot to be in this game is in the air right in front of the opponent.

As I mentioned before - MP Web + HK Crossup

In addition… LP Web actually sends you down to the ground really fast! Which means…

LP Web + Low Kick!

They now have to block the high web followed immediately by either a crossup or a low. Mu ha ha ha!!!


LP Web ball hits high? I haven’t tested it myself. I’ve always used LP web ball for positioning, and to lock em down on my landing so I have the advantage to try something.

A throw combo that uses one Shadow meter for 20% damage.
The only problem I have with this is that the launcher can be combo broken, although this creates opportunities for counter breakers.
edit: the last widow’s bite doesn’t hit Glacius or Thunder.
This exact combo isn’t exactly practical, but it was more to show a use of Sadira’s jump cancel in Instinct Mode.
In Instinct mode, jump cancel after an auto double into Shadow Widow’s Bite.
It has a slight advantage over Shadow Blade Demon as it does an extra 4% damage.


Another Instinct Combo that utilizes Sadira’s ability to jump cancel normals into normals.
Again, not the most practical combo but I imagine it might be handy for a counter breaker set up.

Probably the biggest thing I’ve found with Sadira yet, a Kara throw that takes advantage of her Web trap in Instinct mode.
Placing a Web trap with Sadira whilst standing will move you forward slightly, I think it has something to do with the web trap cancelling out her standing H.K animation.
The idea is to place a web trap and almost immediately throw afterwards.


Some good finds. Her grab range isn’t stellar it seems, and it’s nice the JC normal links are manuals. Does it have to be a HP/HK or does it work with other normals? I imagine it can be pretty nasty to break if you can consistently JC into any normal you want. Also for your previous vid where you say HP air web ball misses on glacius/thunder, is it just the HP version or did you try the others as well. Curious!

Awesome vids :slight_smile:



Nah, her grab range doesn’t seem that great compared to other characters, but at least with this tech she’s got yet another option in Instinct mode.
Any Normal will work with JC, I merely used HP’s for higher damage in that video. The smartest thing to do of course would be to mix up what normals you use in your combo.
You just have to take into account the range of your normals and how quickly they’ll build KV.

That throw combo… it confuses me now ahaha. I was only playing ranked yesterday and I swear I was able to pull it off on Thunder.
When I was in training mode I couldn’t seem to hit him or Glacius with the last Widow’s Bite.
Nah I didn’t try the LP or MP version, it could work for all I know.
I found generally the best thing to do after the shadow Widow’s Bite is to just finish with a HK recluse. It’ll give you 19% damage and it’s unbreakable.
Although I still find the one with the launcher good for baiting combo breakers :smiley:


I’m not sure if this is possible, but are you able to combo out of a combo breaker with her web in instinct mode? I had used it after breaking out and I think i seen them get hit/stuck in the air.

I can’t test it right now.


Blatantly taken from the front page but these videos should obviously be in this forum too. :slight_smile:

#13 level 40 Sadira, the first level 40


i’m a sadira player i’m getting more & more used to her mix-up’s combos mobility etc anyway add me on xbl DJ JuiiCE i’m not at 100% but i’m waiting to get a fightstick so when i do even more shit kuz i can’t play on controller


the best thing to do is while in instinct you can go for a counter breaker & throw out a web at the sametime which if they go for the breaker they get locked out if they do nothing they get hit with the web you can also use the web after a throw tech if they tech your throw you can web them to do so input your web & throw at the sametime i press all 4 buttons at the same time


which one of her enders is her damage ender? If anybody is looking to play some matches hit me up on xbl OG Swiizy I would enjoy a ft 10