just got some pics off of the digital cam thought you guys would like to check em out

Japanese SSF2X cps-2 b-board

my custom buttons on control panel, still havent got around to puttin the sticks in

my SF:CE machine, monitor has some screen burn from what looks like donkey kong or somethin, works great tho, need a good wipe down

MY BABEH!! custom modded ps2 with Maxtor 200gb HDD, custom skin, ToxisOS installed on mod chip, plays all regions of ps2 and psx games, its got all the goodies.

my dog Stryker, Black Lab, 11 yrs old, (ya i played mk3 back then lol)

a japanese ps1 set of megaman games, i got all 1-6

ima get more pics soon of my other machines


no girls?


this thread has pics…
yet, it still fails?

how is this possible?

Read the join date, Sir.


Pretty sure you meant to post this in tech talk


Before or after he decided to go postal on dog names because he thought that a Ed Boon’s drunken Chinese food raid tales were the way to go, and also thought that SRK had to know about it?

Bear smells failure. Yes.

…and why would we want to check the pictures out? I see no tits, so GTFO.


random thread

when i joined srk determines if my post is good or not?
so if i had joind in 2000 and posted the same topic it would be cool?
i have read the topics here regularly for several years and just now registered.
SH sounds like a really smart guy!

anyways just thought you guys, like me, were interested in fighting game history and preservation of arcade machines. thought you guys would enjoy some pics of my arcades and gaming area.

sorry to offend, next time ill remember to join sooner, before i post. stupid me!

Then start the topic in the right spot first.
Don’t be a fucktard and put it in GD just so a mod can move it for you. Cause you didn’t take the time to read all the forum topics.

We’d have no problem if you would have posted in the RIGHT SECTION OF THE SITE. But you didn’t, which is why your rep is in the hole and every says you fail.


ya that could have been handled without saying ‘fucktard’, but i appreciate your help!

you net thug, you!!:wgrin:

Welcome to SRK. Where ignorance, even unintentional, is not tolerated.

If ‘fucktard’ bothers you, then SRK isn’t the place for you. If you haven’t read the forum rules I would as you’ll run into far less problems and further assert your intelligence by being “that new guy” that isn’t a douche.

Right now, you’ve started off on the wrong foot. Cool pics though. Nice dog.

welcome to srk…nice pics

but, dont be so soft…

edit- :rofl: sadont