Safe assist murderer



Here’s a pretty neat trick using ryu + various AAA…

chun li, colossus, capcom… tested with… sure it would work with others…

basicly I call chun… and sj up/back… lp+hadoken, lp+hadoken xx shinku Hadoken…

All connects on assists… chun 23 dmg, hadokens 15 dmg each, and shinku 55 dmg…

so its 108 dmg to an assist with only 1 bar… and real safe to do… plus you can DHC out for an strait up 2 bar assist kill.

Can nail a point with this as well… just nix the first hadoken.


Your not taking damage scaling into consideration. That combo will do WAY less then 108 damage.


On an assist? Negative… no scaling…


i keep forgetting that my bad


Is the shinkuu hadoken in the air or on the ground??? How is it safe both shinkuu hadokens have lag the air shinkuu has lag and the regular has start up delay.


Basicly chun carries them up… you s.jump up/back and hadoken… they fly up past it… and hit it on the way down… you have plenty of time to hadoken again xx shinku… and its safe b/c at any point you can cancel either hadoken into shinku… and/or shinku into a diff DHC (preferably a frame killing one that will nail them.)

Apart from the cancels its very safe because ryu has super jumped to the highest/farthest part of the screen away from the opp.

Obviously you are hitting in the air b/c its an assist punish… and the space between the hadokens would stop the juggle long enough that they would leave the screen if on ground.

It looks funky b/c the first hadoken doesn’t hit til they are falling back down…


smart stuff, I’m definitely gonna try that tonite.

Assist kill is the whole game to me right now, imho the last frontier of Maahaahahhrvel


I totally agree ec… I think assist punishment is best way low/mid tiers can keep up with the gods/top. Even some of the best out there have MAJOR weaknesses in their assist calls. Look at MSP… the number one way an MSP gets scrubbed out is by losing their psy early… and they usually give you several chances at her with constant calls. Same could be said for baiting and then strait dropping someone’s capcom AAA… whats cable gonna do then? hehe


A level 3 can be crucial w/Doom rocks protecting. You can beat down a assist with level 3, while Doom protects against counters. Of course, if your opponent is really alert and counter pro, then it might not work.

I like to keep the assist in the air for some time, because most opponents dont have the ability to punish you while youre in the air. Cable, Storm, Sentinel and Magneto are about the only ones. But even still, if youre smart, you’ll neutralize them for some time, allowing additional beat down on their assist.


In a way… at least using this trick… you want to be facing someone who can try to do something bout it… that way when they try you can frame kill to something else.

If hey don’t try… that just means your DHC kills the assist… so it’s a best of both worlds situation sometimes.