Safe Cyclones: Zangief Okizeme Thread



As everyone who played SF4 knows, Safejumps are very important to wakeup pressure. I’ve been experiementing to find some ways to deal with the new, toned-down reversals in SFXT. I have yet to look into OSing against Rolls too deeply, the only thing I can say for sure is that OS lp gh to chase roll will probably not prove very solid in the long run (It’s garbage imo if you haven’t tried it yourself lol).

Edit: Until wakeup times are tested (most likely when the PC version is released) we will probably not find out who has irregular wakeup times, so I highly suggest you test the hell out of these setups.


Sweep: Sweep, hold forward and react to your characters step animation (Similar to the Safejump off of 360K in SF4), Splash/Knees. This is safe on 5 frame reversals (Example: Sagat’s mp TU, Zangief’s PPP Lariat).

Longkick: See the Sweep safejump, this one works identically. However, because it moves Zangief forward, you can have some pretty ambiguous stuff. Again, this is safe against 5 frame revesals.


Running Bear Grab: My original Safejump from SF4 still works. It is RBG, cr. mk to jump forward. According to my testing it is safe against 4 frame reversals, but I suggest you guys test this out for yourself. It also puts you into a pretty good position against wakeup roll.

Atomic Suplex (360K in grab range): A safejump here is by all means possible, however I can’t really find something consistent to mark time. Maybe walk forward to cr. jab to jump splash? Need to further test.

OSing against Roll: I need to test Zangief’s long sweep (ala Rolento), but I have already worked with lp GH and I do not personally think it is very viable. If someone else discovers some godlike tech with it then by all means, I will post it.


the way im reading this,this is just all half empty thoughts. no offence but when i read this its just nonsence. maby with further testing this will make more sense


I don’t know what you mean? It’s not like these are theoretical safe jumps? I really wish I had a capture card so I could provide videos, but it’s not like these are hard to do really. Can you elaborate on how I can make my post better or more clear?


i dont mean no offence but i think videos would help- more to put more detail on what your trying to say. again im sorry if i offended you. more detail i guess is what im saying .


More detail? I will revise it a little bit, but these are very simple and straightforward safejumps. Not trying to be rude, but I don’t know how many times I can say Sweep, hold forward, jump knees/splash.


Good thread, yea after 360k I can’t find a good way to time a safe jump, back dash to super jump sort of works but not very reliable.


Thanks, I think I saw snake eyes do a close HK (corner only) but I wasn’t able to replicate it and get a safejump. Honestly, I think RBG is so good in this game that the safejump off of that is more important :smiley:


I hate the rolling in this game, but since I expect it every time I eat a reversal often. Thanks, I’ll try these out


So, relatively new to Zangief as I didn’t play him much in SF4. Definitely not foreign to grapplers though because they’re usually my first choice in any fighting game. Been having a blast so far with my gief/Bob team, but I was struggling a little bit trying to pin down the most effective way of playing this new gief, given that oki has changed so much.

Basically there are a couple of things that I’ve been using that work out fairly well:

First, at certain ranges it seems like I can do a jump back, and then either j.HP or splash/knee. You can watch for the roll, and if they do you can pressure with splash/knee. If they stay, j.HP will still connect in which case you can connect a launch combo. Not sure how much validity there is to this set up, as it seems like there’s no way to make the j.HP safe to any dp. Still, I’d like to hear if anyone has success.

Second, and the more important one, tech able knockdowns are so godlike. I’ve been finishing so many juggles with green hand just because the situation is so much more favorable. Even if they don’t tech to try and attempt a roll, you have so much more time to get on the other side to mess up their roll.

One more thing is that RBG shuts down DP > tag :smiley:


Safejump setups:

Throw(Hold D.) to your char crouches and instantly press jump.

End any combo with H.Banishing flats for an auto safejump setup by holding U/UF. when landing hold U/UF again if they dont quickstand for another safejump setup.