Safe Jump after EX hand?



Hey guys,

When playing shoto matchups and using an EX GH to go through a fireball, does it set up an opportunity for safe jump knees/splash? It seems that I’d get DP’d (3 frame startup) or crossup DP’d all the time so I’m pretty sure it’s 100% unsafe. But how about the slower reversals like Honda/Balrog EX Headbutt (8 frame startup), EX tornado throw (5 frames), Tiger Uppercut (5 frames), EX SPD (4 frames) etc? Does anyone know the frame disadvantage/advantage on jumping in with splash immediately after an EX hand knockdown?

If it is unsafe, what’s a better option after knockdown?


It’s not possible. EXGH is a techable knockdown. Different options is all up to you, work the mix up


What’s the frame disadvantage from EX Green Hand then immediately jumping in with a splash? I’m not sure how to calculate this. Assuming non-Adon etc.


I have no clue, man. all I know is that you can’t make a full jump to the other side unless they don’t quick stand