Safe Jump after EXlegs combo's



Hey everyone, thought I’d contribute to this forum. The other day I was watching Haneyama and noticed he liked to jump in after exlegs, whether it be from a c.short or a s.rh combo. Figured that it was a safe jump on all characters without a 3f reversal (except for Adon, because of his retarded tech get up).

So, the safe jump set up is your choice of EXlegs combo. Immediately jump-in with roundhouse. On some characters the roundhouse whiffs, but it still is a safe jump.

At first it’s hard to get the RH to hit on some characters, but the trick is to do the RH as close to the ground as you can. It should hit very, very close to the ground. So, here’s the characters the RH hits on and is a safe jump if they reversal with something.

Roundhouse Hits: Akuma**, C Viper, Chun, Dan, DeeJay, Dudley, Fuerte, Gen, Gouken*, Ibuki, Bison (Dictator), Rose
Roundhouse Whiffs: Abel, Boxer, Blanka, Cammy, Cody, Dhalsim, Honda, Fei Long, Guile, Guy, Hakan, Juri, Makoto, Rufus, T Hawk, Vega, Zangief,
No safe jump after EXlegs: Adon, Ken, Ryu

*Gouken has his counter, so although the RH hits and is safe against all his other moves, his counter can beat the RH, so empty jumping immediately after EXlegs is the preferred safe jump.

**Not sure why but hpsrk hits Chun if she decides to jump-in RH. So you can safe jump Akuma after exlegs by immediately empty jumping after the EXlegs combo. But if Akuma has Ultra, you will get grabbed, so be warned.

I hope this makes sense for everyone. LMK if you have any questions!

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Whoah, this is really safe from DeeJay’s EX reversal? I’m surprised this works on Akuma because all his uppercuts should be 3 frames.


In august 2009, nemo talk about that on his blog.

I really thought everybody was aware about that now.

I made a topic about safe jump and others options too (in 2009)

The reason why roundhouse whiff on some character is because ex legs do 4 hit on them so the get launched higher and land after.

I made a list of people which get hit 4 times and people which get hit 3 times.

The other reason is that the engine of the game let you delay by 5 frames your quickstand (if i remember well).
Yes you can slightly delay your quickstand. It’s happen to me sometimes that i miss viper just because of that

About akuma, if you empty jump, you can ex sbk when you land to beat his ultra


Thanks for sharing


Sooo, have you actually tested to see if this is a safe jump against characters like Dan or Ibuki with four or five frame reversals? Or are you just assuming it works because it works against Viper’s and Chun’s 7 frame reversals?

The fact that it include akuma as safe jumpable implies otherwise to me.

Yeah, they can just get up later and throw you, and there’s not a lot you can do about it, although OS throw should normally prevent you actually taking any damage. You could try OS lk hasan shu if you’re feeling cocky, and I’ll test it, but it sounds dangerous.

Note that even against people this whiffs on, you can walk forward for a safe jump, just like off of the throw & sweep, and the timing is actually fairly similar, (similar to sweep for 3 hit characters, and throw for 4 hit characters.)


I have tested this against 4f reversals and Chun lands just in time to block them.


I actually have never tried to time safe jumps against 4f reversals because I think it would be way too risky even if it were possible. Since it’s auto-timed, though, I guess it can’t hurt. Does the Safe jump on Dan/Deejay etc. work only with J. RH, or can it work with other jumpins like short?

If you jump in with stomp on Gouken, is that safe against counter and does it hit if he moves backwards? I know instant stomp will beat a predicted counter.

  • It’s important to add that this setup depend of your range. If you combo with ex legs at far range, your opponent will land faster.
    So don’t jump.

  • Haneyama has a “follow up” to this setup. If your opponent don’t quickstand, do a neutral jump and this jump will became safe again.
    Before you land from you first jump you can know in advance if your opponent choose to quickstand or not so you can instantly jump again to make this second safe jump.
    Of course versus 3f reversal an empty jump is safe too

  • When i safe jump viper i prefer use hp just because some viper prefer get reset and stop your attack. They just do a reversal bk. Since viper are airborn she get reset. But at least with jump hp i can juggle her if my reaction are good enough

  • like robotic elf said, most of your opponent mash throw instead of doing a reversal attack. It’s just funny to see how throw is universal move in defense when you jump on someone.
    People don’t just block, they block + mash throw.
    And when they are boring to block + throw. They try to attack.
    It’s a bad habit that players have on SF4. Justin Wong was talking about that recently. He use instant dive kick a lot in situations where people mash throw in defense.

With chun li empty jump hazanshu lk is your friend when you notice people prefer mash throw that mash srk. Don’t forget that.
But of course don’t use it too much

  • Haneyama has an other safe jump. It’s after an hazan shu which cause knockdown.
    He do a close hk follow by neutral jump and it’s a safe jump. I didn’t try versus everyone. Empty jump is safe versus ryu, etc…

He has a new alternative that i see him use versus sako recently.
Instead of doing close hk, he do backdash and he jump forward after. Empty jump cr lk xx ex legs
With this setup you land just before your opponent wake up so you air attack will always whiff. It’s why he do empty jump cr lk.

People who mash throw get beat cleanly by this cr lk

If you think you are too far away after the knockdown to do a close hk ( that will make a far hk), do a far hp ( not a close hp).
I’m sure after that (depend of your distance), you can make ambiguous forward jumping safe.
Is it crossup or not ? Is it a fake jump jump or a real jump ? Which side she land ?
You can be sure in those situations a lotof people will mash something

PS :
Close hk = 24 frames in total
Backdash = 22 frames in total
far hp = 24 frames in total
far mk = 22 frames in total


to punish mashed throws, what should you follow up with? I think that a light hazanshu would be easiest for me, but chun’s usually punish tech with close standing roundhouse. I can never seem to successfully punish the tech with that. Is there some timing that goes into it?


After you actually do the safe jump, you can figure out how your opponent reacts to this if you do a late crouch tech after you jump. If they just block you get a c.short. If they’re mashing throw you’ll tech it.

Personally I’ve been trying to work on doing this to beat/figure out if my opponent just likes to mash throw. But if you know off the bat they mash throw you do Alot. Hazanshu, walk backward and sweep (or punish the whiff throw with walk up Bnb).

If you do this safe jump on a character that gets hit by the j.rh then you can follow up with a s.rh. If they were mashing grab it’s a frame trap, if they get hit then you hurt them. If they block, then whatever. Reset the situation.