Safe jump character specific?



pretty much the topic is the question. But if do could some one show me some insight

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Sorry mistake I noticed the articles. Unless unblockable aren’t safe jumps

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The short answer is yes. Safe jumps are character specific I believe. I think some characters are safejumped with HK while others with MK. Some characters can be safe jumped with certain setups. In AE and previous iterations this was easier to figure out due to the “exploding heart technique” (forward throw 2x dash forward and safe jump using a certain normal). Right now people are still finding various setups/ways to safejump off of forward throw. If I knew all the proper safe jumps for each characters I would share them with you but I do not. You should probably as this question in the setup thread.


That is not true. Whether you use mk, hk, or demonflip Palm doesnt matter, they’re all used for safejumps. The only things that are character specific are the setups themselves. Most of Akumas safejumps, however, can be used against most of the cast without discrimination. Also exploding heart is f.throw, dash x2 mk demonflip divekick. This is not a safejump though.