Safe jump delayed wake up



looking for ways for delayed wake up setups with safe jumps anyone figured it out yet


backthrow > whiff far.lp > is a 4f safejump

ex.ruffian > dash > whiff cr.hp > nj.hp is 4/5f safejump I think

thing is with DWU setups you mostly have to commit to them hopefully actually delaying their wakeup or you’re gonna eat a reversal, so you gotta get reads on your opponent and pay attention to their wakeup choices so it’s better to probably go for non DWU setups or just no setup the first few times you get a hard knockdown.


I feel like the old safe jump setups are still fine to use. There’s enough time to confirm their DWU before inputting an OS (so you don’t whiff OS U2 like an idiot if they choose to DWU lol) and you still have time to set up something on the ground if they do choose to DWU. The only thing DWU really affects is all the unblockable/ambiguous setups Cody had.


Can’t test right now but what about back throw and then walk to get a 4 or 5f crossup on delay wakeup and maybe make dps whiff if they don’t DWU?


Unfortunately cody throw don’t give enough time to adjust setups on reaction. I’ve been getting some mileage out of os meaty jab tho it hits on later active frame allowing for some nice combos :wink:
Also you can chain os the jab to cover dwu backdash