Safe jump setups against the twins

halp me plz

This is all I know for Yun.

Neckbreaker -> Ageman -> j.MK
Neckbreaker -> Ageman -> sj.LK (os Neckbreaker)
EX Neckbreaker -> LK CD -> sj.LK

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Also are you the real ClakeyD? If so, tell us how to get top 8 at a major plox.

Btw Izuna, the sj.LK after neckbreaker isn’t really a safe jump. Yun’s dp will more than likely autocorrect unless you use a different normal to adjust the timing.

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Yeah, I don’t know where you get your information from, but the first two definately aren’t safe. He’ll DP that shit all day. The only ones that are “safe” are after ex neck breaker and what I posted like forever ago in the AE and Matchup thead.

It’s not a good idea to fall on OS Neck-breaker all the time after EX Neck-breaker either. If the Yun is smart and he picks up on that he’ll just bait it and rape the shit out of you. I haven’t really been playing much but I found out how to massacre Ibuki with Yun by tricking her to OS within like 2mins of testing out safe jumps, you guys should do the same and see if it’s worth it depending on your opponent.

dont forget that most characters can do 50/50 empty safe jumps or attack jumps… nowhere near as good as a true safe jump setup but if you dont press a button their reversal will get blocked, whereas if you do they will hit you. general mixup is just high low ie the emptyjump is followed by a and the other jump has an attack in the air. the 2 jumps have the EXACT same timing. this works because when pressing a button in the air there are 2 extra frames on landing that you cant block… but when you dont press a button, you recover instantly.

also note that this works against 3 frame reversals as well.


Yeah she’s got a couple empty jump setups for that but usually I got for a low and they’re already mashing dp by then. I just see if they’re the dp happy Yun type and I’ll just change it up depending on how I see him. If he DPs on your safe jump, go for the OS Neck Breaker setup. If he blocks, go for an empty jump low, etcetc.

Care to enlighten us then?

Did you mean 4 frames of recovery?

neckbreaker>whiff st mp>jmk ,is the best safe jump i know against the twins.It also stuffs their ex command grab

It better stuff EX command grab. That shit ain’t invincible like EX Karakusa or EX Tornado Throw.

And you must be timing st.MP late because if your timing is perfect, you’ll jump too early and j.MK will whiff.

Um, you mean safe jump right? If you time it late, dp hits you. If it’s too early, it’s just an empty jump. Why even bother with the MK in the first place? If your MK is “stuffing” an ex command grab, it can be DPed. More testing plz/

I’m timing the jmk just a little late so i’m sure that i’m not going to get command thrown.The timing isn’t hard and no littlesushi it’s not an empty jump.Atm at least for me it’s the most reliable safejump after a neckbreaker.The agemen>jmk is pretty unreliable or really hard to time correctly.I’ll try upload a video with my crappy cellphone camera

I don’t think you understand. Yun’s EX command grab is not invincible. Any sort of meaty attack is going to stuff it clean.

Then it’s just you because you’re definitely adding a few extra frames somewhere, that maybe you’re not noticing.

Get a video up please, cause what you’re saying doesn’t make sense. You’re testing all the DPs right? Or are you just settling for your safe jump setup to only work on MK and HK versions? That’s what it feels like to me. If you’re getting MK to hit the command grab, you’re going to get hit by LK or EX DP.

Sorry didn’t notice that it wasn’t invinsinsible…Anyway this is definetly not an empty jump or otherwise i would get thrown.

Are you saying the twins aren’t safe jump-able or something?

You could safe jump the twins all day, it’s easy as shit. Just not how he’s explaining it.

I’m trying every possible way to reversal ibuki.all dps,all shoulders,command throws,etc.First i have to find the usb of my cellphone

Save yourself the trouble of testing every possible wakeup move. Only Yun’s dp’s have invincibility. Besides super/ultra of course.

For a straight up safe jump in front of his face, you only need to worry about DP.

What I’m trying to say is that if you’re getting MK to come out, the move takes too long to start up in the air. His lk/ex DP would hit Ibuki by then. If you’re doing it where it’s safe to those DPs then you’re either doing something else or there’s no way it’ll come out in time to actually hit him and she can be hit by ex command grab. Which is what you said that you had a jump that hit, was safe to his DPs, and beat ex command grab. I want to see that.