Safe Jumps and Option Selects



I realize that in order to make gens game reach the next level we need to make almost everything a safe jump and do option selects.

I cant safe jump roundhouse rising jaguar to save my life. (or gens life for that matter)

The same safe jump setups should work on every character that has a 4-5 frame dp right? The thing that might be throwing me off is adons wakeup speed which is faster than normal. I wonder if there is a list of all the characters and their dp speeds.

Anything that can shed some light on option selects and safejumps vs various characters would be great.


I vote for a safe jump and option select sticky!


Yes, Just practice it vs Adon. His wakeup speed was nerfed in AE, though I don’t know how close it is to other characters now. I dunno if there is a list of their DP speeds, but I’ll post them next to each character. I don’t think a thread for safe jumps needs to be created, all discussions should be in strat / matchups, that way all info is in one thread. so if you want the list I’m adding it now.

OS, Safe jumps anything character specific should be put into the strategy thread. It just keeps everything together.


what is the safejump setup that you use? right now I’m using forward throw, double dash, neutral jump crane fierce. Forward throw, dash 1x, mantis stand strong, jump forward fierce.


I also use the forward throw, dashx2, mantis nj fierce. and Forward throw, LP roll, crane


Here’s another good one. Forward throw, Crane S. Roundhouse, Crane Jump Fierce.


Forward Throw -> forward dash x 1 -> crane cr.MP -> mantis j.MK. 4f safe jump on Blanka only if frame perfect.


I believe Forward Throw, Crane s.MP, mantis j,MK or fierce works as one as well.



Gen safe jump on adon from amiyu match is : F.throw > dash x1> mantis> mantis jump mk
and one more nice one: f.throw > dashx1> mantis> crane jump mk work too :slight_smile:

for the back throw > crane jump mk … its safe
adon will beat option select so u just safe jump him … i tested him


I just tested the following vs Ryu’s SRK and Super:

Mantis Forward Throw, Dash x1, c.Jab, j.Forward.

I mashed out SRK and Super as fast as I could to make sure it worked. Gen blocked it. But the only thing you need to worry about is getting thrown. You must be ready to tech as some people like to throw if the jump looks too far away. Luckily Gen is almost right on top of him, so it’s tempting to SRK.


Small request about that setup messiah, if you mashed (Crane) in those circumstances, do you think Gen’s hitbox might duck under SRK, super, and maybe interrupt throw/cr.jab?

I think it might.


Maybe it’s rather crazy but is it possible to use some taunt to time the safe jumps? It’d be stylish


SRK hitbox is almost touching the floor, no chance


that would be cool but the timining will vary based on the taunt. some can be canceled after 5-10 frames or thereabout. off to the training mode I go


Sure, I was thinking about that taunt where Gen goes “mpff!” and gives the back to the opponent, lol. It’s rather quick


it may be possible, OFF TO TRAINING MODE I GO!!! by the way which taunt is that?


I was thinking about the 3rd one


nah its not possible lol! but I found this out during training, do you think its of use?


wow, that seems really useful actually. I’ll test it! Thanks!


I have another but I have to wait till ae drops on PC to test it. Or do u want to test it for me?