Safe Jumps and setups


As I am starting to feel somewhat comfortable with the combos of my character (Ken) I try to learn some setups to keep pressure on wake up.

I have huge trouble understanding how to time safe jumps perfectly. I think I kinda understand the concept and I do them well enough so that the wake up DP whiff but I don’t actually stuff it, it just whiff and my attack too. I also understand that there is 3,4,5f safe jumps types.

I have seen plenty of videos from a youtube channel called David Pace where he shows a bunch of Ken tricks and setups and for example I can’t do the cross up HP on wake up on a consistent basis at all. I really don’t undestand how I can time it at all. For combos it’s kinda easy because you go too fast it doesn’t come out, you go too slow they block but for the safe jumps it seems like there is a million thing that can happen depending on very small range difference and timing difference and I don’t really know if there is a way to train all of that in a smart way or if I have to just grind it out.

Any advices?

I don’t know Ken specific setups, but you either find that you have to manually time the safe jump, or can time it by inputting something else. Timing with another input is generally quite easy, but not all characters can do that. Manually timing is kinda like learning link combos, set it up in the training room so that your opponent has recorded their DP etc, and save it after the knock down, then practice the safe jumps. If you get hit you did it too late.

I know this sounds lame but if you can’t get it consistent the best way to learn it is the training mode. practice it step by step