Safe jumps/OSing off of Tsumuji?



With Neckbreaker most likely getting nerfed to soft knockdown, I’m trying to prepare for USF4.

I was wondering if there are any ways to do safe jumps/OS off of MK or HK Tsumiji? With Tsumiji right now I’m mostly doing kunai mixups or command dash mixups.



I love how Mingo is already on top of it :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, cool. Thank you Mingo! For clarification: after MK Tsumiji, you forward dash, then neutral jump?


Yes, that’s what the chart says.


K, just making sure it’s not a forward jump or something. Thanks.


Whats the cr. Hp Kunai tab about?


Frame advantage after cr.HP xx jump, Kunai I guess