Safe jumps?

safe jumps outside of a throw?

I know that

After forward throw

Wiff a then jump dive kick for a meaty 3f safe jump.

After back throw.

wiff then jump in for a 3f? safe jump

Are there any other safe jumps that you guys know of outside of a throw?

Well I know one but it’s not from a throw you can j.hp, c.hp, lp.dp then jump in…I know it works on sagat if he quick tech dp

does it work on 4 frame reversals? or even 3 frame? it seems like everything i try gets beat out by SRKs and yun/yank reversals which are 4f. except the 2 from a throw, which is what i am looking for one that will work against them.

Hey what’s you gamer tag we can play and talk out some tips and tricks…mines is tph foxhound I about to get on in 10 mins

i can play but my stick doesnt have a spot for a mic.

GT is Typhon

Yo add me

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Well for sure you cant safe jump an srk. Its 3 frames and tripguard is 4 frames. Its all in the timing. Maybe off a sweep but I havent tried yey. Will do when I get home.

After a sweep you can do the same safe jump as fwd throw, just take out the st.MP

try this
any combo that ends with lk tatsu instead of using hp srk, use lp srk then forward dash and hold up forward
(crossup)(dont know if it works on all characters)

We need to get a endless session going so we can exchange tips and tricks about evil ryu…whoever is down with that just add me my gamer tag is tph foxhound (ps I’m always online)

That safe jump after a forward throw, the timing is a bit strict for it to work against shotos/DPs. By timing, I mean the timing of the dive kick.

I don’t think it’s that strict…I mean with a little but of practice you’ll get it in no time

You can’t safe jump a shoto. Trip guard is 4 frames and SRK start up is 3 frames. If you’re “safe jumping” a shoto then you’re actually just jumping in really early and blocking. This is not a safe jump.

You can safe jump a shoto. Players have been doing it since vanilla. It’s just not your standard safe jump and it’s not what you just described. Some people call it a fake safe jump.

Then there are also unblockables… which, in a sense, is a safe jump… except again, works in a different way.

I’ve been testing out safe jumps of all three cast vs evil ryu and I can tell you for a fact you can safe jump a shoto

All three frames work the same way but I have different variation of how to safe jump them but it’s too much to type so if you have a mic jump online and I’ll show

Well you’re wrong dude. It’s simple math man. You can’t safe jump a shoto because of the trip guard.

A safe jump is defined as a jumping attack that will hit the opponent on the first frame that they recover from being knocked down. This DOES NOT work on a shoto because they have a 3 frame start up and trip guard is 4. I can’t explain this in any other way. What you guys are doing is not a safe jump unless trip guard has been altered to 3 frames or less in this version of SF. I don’t believe that is the case.

What you guys are doing is just jumping in and blocking waaaay before the person can SRK. It’s not a safe jump at all. If it’s working for you, great, that’s awesome but please don’t confuse people by using terminology that is inaccurate.

You’re going to have to post a video of this to prove it.

EDIT: Better yet, add me to PSN (kumaoni) and try it on me. I’ll let you just walk up and sweep me and then I’ll SRK the shit outta you when you try to jump in. Make sure you’re actually doing a safe jump because imma just throw you outta whatever the hell you guys are doing right now.

Kuma Oni is right in that people throw around the term in an inaccurate manner a lot. Foxhound is correct that there indeed exist Safe Jump set-ups on Shotos in SF4. SF4 has some pretty wonky frames and hitboxes. :x


There IS a video of it.

And if you don’t believe it, test it for yourself and make sure you time it right. And again, by THAT definition, it isn’t a safe jump, but technically it is a safe way to jump during someone’s KD. It looks like a safe jump but it works in a different way (unblockables are also safe jumps, but again, work in a different way). I would explain how and why it works, except I’m not too sure. My guess is that it’s some combination of: spacing, first few frames of reversal DP whiff, the hitbox of the meaty jump-in avoid DP hitbox.

I’m sure you’ve seen some shoto matches where they do crossup jump-in lk. I’m sure you know that this cannot be DP’d. Not a safe jump by your definition, again… but what would you call it?