Safe jumps



Im just started playing Cammy. So do you guys got any tips for me? And do you any of Cammys safe jumps? If these questions already have been posted please link it to me (Sorry for my bad english)


Pretty much the basics are in this 5mins video



Thanks. I have mained Rose before and shes not an combo character. So i have big problems landing combos i a match. Do you got any tips? Or is it just to play much? (fuck my english haha)


Going into training mode and practicing will help a lot but yes playing actual matches are the best way 2 get ur combos down. Cammy is a heavy execution character so this may take a while


Thanks for the tips. I have one more problem. The instant cannon strike. I know the motion but I cant do it!!! Any tips?


You can only use it with a bar. Normal ones have height limits.




That is SF4… we’re already in ssf4 ae 2012… that’s like what… 3 patches in?


Okey. Yesterday I trained this and I was like ffs I cant do it. But now I understand haha


[media=youtube]wV8jMwA9aHM[/media] sakonoko did it at 0:23. This maybe only works in super?


Instant cannon strike is only in vanilla super. When AE came out they put a height restriction in for the normal version. EX instant CS (TKCS) still works though and easy to do, 2147+KK or qcb<any up direction>+KK. In super you could do TKCS by doing 2149+K which is just buffering qcb into up forward and pressing kick.


Aha Thanks


Looking for information about actual safe jumps…





Balrog Safe Jumps Part 1.

Safe Jump 1

Back Throw, Ex TKCS, Hold Jump Lk. Beat every Balrog options.

Safe Jump 2
Back thow, Dash, Walk a little bit, Ex TKCS. Beat All normal Headbutts, Defend EX headbutt but Loose to Armor Punch, and super/ultra.

Safe Jump 3

Back Thow, Walk a litte, Stand Lp, Hold Jump and Strike LK.

Bait Armor punch and Headbutt, nice ultra 1 Setup.


Don’t waste bar on those set ups. It’s a major tell after someone sees it once and it’s just not worth it. I’m sure there’s ways to fix it so you can do them without.


Cmon guys, share them safe jumps… :{


I have some stuff on my youtube. Heres a safe jump, and heres a Cannon Strike crossup that makes reversals whiff:



CStrike Crossup:


Note on the safejump. I have an option select put into the vid. But as has been pointed out, C Viper has ways to deal with that paticular option select. But if you try that same option select on a character like Honda, he has no ways to deal with it! Anyways enjoy.