Safe meaties?


We all know about safe jumps - this thread is for sharing information about their less talked-about cousin, the non-jumping safe meaty.

Obviously these are much more complex than safe jumps. With a safe jump, you only need to consider the timing of your jump and the startup of your opponent’s reversal, but with non-jumping moves, you also have to consider spacing and the speed and hitboxes of both your meaty and your opponent’s reversal.

Unfortunately, beyond knowing they exist in some form, I don’t know much about what moves can be used as safe meaties. I’ve heard that Boxer’s low jab can be used as one, and both Gief’s low short and Claw’s low forward seem to work for me on occasion, but presumably with all the different factors involved it’s far more complex than that.

Can anyone shed some light on these?


Ideally, you want a move that will hit outside out the opponents throw range, and have good enough priority or recovery to avoid the reversal if it comes out.

At the right distance and of course depending on the opponent?s reversals here are some great get up “meaties.”

Bison, low forward
Chun, low forward
Sim, low jab (SRK)& low slide (FK)
Claw, low forward & low round house
Guile, low forward
Cammy, low short

I’ll check for a couple others that I am marginal on.


Some more:

Honda: far standing jab (can recover in time to block reversal, also has no hittable frames in the far part of the hand so it can be used on wakeup against reversals that don’t have wide arcs)
Chun: flipkick, jumping immediate pogo kick
Gief: crouching jab, crouching short
Hawk: crouching jab


What makes the pogo kick safe?


I don’t know. But it straight-up beats dragon punches.


These are all range-dependent, right? Going strictly by the frame data, most of them shouldn’t work except against Balrog and some supers. Does that mean it’s character-specific who they’ll work against?


Yeah, I guess I should have been more specific.


It beats new school DP’s. Old school DP’s will beat it though, so technically speaking it isn’t really safe.


I’m guessing because her pogo hitbox makes the bottom half of chuns body invinsible, the hitbox where she can get hit only starts right at the top of her leg.


Blanka: s.short?


zangief far standing short an far standing mk


a thing i sort of like is dee jay’s close mk for this, but i find it is not safe or a great option vs everyone just ryu/guile are the main two (and i personally only go for this when i have them cornered and no crossup available)

vs ryu/guile and maybe anybody else w/ a similar reverse in inactive frames you can safely attempt a meaty close mk, block dp/flash if that comes out and punish afterward. if the attack connects you can go for a low mk which knocks down or what i like to do is combo cr fierce b/c it seems like if they get hit with meaty close mk, cr fierce they’ll get dizzied every time. even if it doesn’t dizzy if you go for this in the corner like i do it leaves you at a decent situation. the opponent will probably be scared to do anything but to defend after eating that combo and they might just jump right at you to get out (which you can AA w/ virtually anything and that’ll dizzy), mash cr mp to counter their frantic mashing, pause and throw an fb or just walk up and throw their ass. after you get that dizzy a basic jump rh -> cr fierce -> sobat usually ends the round. i’m of the opinion that dj has to be the aggressive one in that match so i often find myself cornering them and locking myself out of his crossup game

but tbh i’m way more of a safe jump guy

i think in the fei mirror his own cr fierce is safe vs his dp? like i’ve swear i’ve seen that shit actually duck under the dp. not one of the matchups i really know a lot of about though

oh i just thought of another one i kinda like, in the shoto mirror you can space a cr strong at max range and it’ll be safe vs dp and hurricane will miss. it’s not a big thing in terms of damage, more positional i think. it really doesn’t matter whether or not the cr strong hits or is blocked, i only do this to an opponent close to the corner and hoping the cr strong lands just so i can get a tiny push to that corner. also if you’re n.ryu you’d be surprised how many times you can catch another shoto with meaty cr strong, rush punch while they’re hugging block straight into throw lol or like safe meaty cr strong, back up a bit in hopes they’ll press a button and red fb for the knockdown. or if you’re ken meaty cr strong, walk up a bit to tempt them into pressing a button and jab dp that shit

there are some things that seem good here but like what do you set them up for? like blanka s. short. it’s safe but it looks to me like that’s basically all it has going for it unless someone wants to chime in w/ something i’m familiar w/