Safe Tag In (MVC2)


When is the best time to safelly tag in my characters?I play many characters and any tips on how to safelly tag them in would be very helpfull.Im not too bad at this game but thats when I usually get hurt is when tagging in.

My teams mostly consist of the list below but casual I play all



There’s plenty of safe tag ins with those characters u listed. I’ll list some for you.


  1. Have spiral throw a bunch of swords then tag him in.
  2. Have doom do pink shit super then do time flip.
  3. Have storm do hail storm then do time flip.
  4. Have sent do hsf then do time flip. (not sure about this one)
  5. Have bh do heart of darkness then do time flip.
  6. Have psylocke do butterfly super then do time flip. (not sure about this one)
  7. Have magneto do a hyper grav then do tag in.


  1. Have spiral throw a bunch of swords then tag him in.
  2. Have doom do pink shit super then do super optic blast. (kick super)
  3. Have storm do hail storm then do sob.
  4. Have sent do hsf then do sob. (not sure about this one)
  5. Have bh do heart of darkness then do sob.
  6. Have magneto do a hyper grav then do tag in.

Basically do shit like that, there’s too many safe tag ins to name though. Hope this helps. Oh yeah, taggin in when they super jump is also good so remember that.


By far the best way to get a tag-in is to combo it. In older Vs. games, you could combo a tag from a launcher (although in MvC1 relying on this was likely to get you killed), but now it’s a lot harder and only a few characters can do this effectively. Here’s some people who can:

  • Sentinel - delayed roundhouse drones, then tag. When fighting certain characters, getting this is free (evading RH drones usually requires a superjump). Also, you can tag after a connected HSF, I’m not sure if this is rollable or not but it catches most people napping.

  • Spiral - after loading swords, press jab, jab, switch, jab, jab. This works because you can keep throwing swords with Spiral even after the tag.

  • BH - hit an airborne opponent with roundhouse demons, then land and tag. This is so easy to do with BH/Cyclops, but it’s feasible on other setups.

  • Magneto - After a hypergrav from corner. I’m not sure if it works anywhere else.

  • Iron Man - If you get the infinite from the corner, I think you can actually land from the up+fierce and tag, but this isn’t too feasible.

But it’s not always easy to do this. So there are times when it’s “sort of” okay to tag in and have a reasonable assurance it will hit. Times like this include crossups and triangle jump attempts. You can also tag if the opponent isn’t equipped with a lot of meter to do a damaging combo on you. Finally, Strider and Spiral get tagged in on a lot, as they are always trying to trap you with projectiles. But you can actually do this on anyone. If they try to throw stuff at you, you can tag into it and often get off scot free.


If you are playing against a cable who likes to try to trap with gun, grenades, and sentinel (or other assist) you can often tag in right when he sticks out his gun to do a standing fierce.

But the basic formula for a safe tagout that’s blocked, is to tagout while the opponnent is blocking something and will continue to block it when the original character leaves the screen.

So a previous example was Spiral, when she has knives, she can toss them rapidly, and when they block you can then mash tag-in. You have to make sure you have enough, like at least 4 swords for it to be safe. Otherwise, if you tag incorrectly, the blocked sword stun won’t last long enough.

Other examples used supers where massive amounts of particles are keeping the opponent in blockstun after tagging out. (storm’s super, dooms super)

If you have no super meter, then you have to try to find a projectile that keeps the opponent in blockstun long enough. So sentinel’s RH drones stayout long enough and keep they in block stun long enough fo ryou to tag out.

Or as someone else mentioned, in the middle of the combo (or right after a quick recovery super ala Sentinel). that is by far the safest and leads to easy damage.


Jakuta, your idea about tagging in on Cable is useless. No decent Cable player is going to just s.hp. If they do do a s.hp then your character is already going to be in blockstun, and that s.hp is gonna be followed by three more, a lp viper beam, and then drones.

Commence Lockdown

Cable/Sent is too evil - You take a hit vs. that, expect to lose a character


I usually like to be patient on the tag in. Usually the opponent is waiting for it so he can punish you. If thats the case, I’ll just super jump and build meter. If its against Cable, I’ll wait until I can see an air regular viper beam coming, so the damage won’t be too great. Against Magneto, I wait for the upcoming air dash df, then tag in to get a hit off.


What he’s trying to say is don’t “Tag in” just “DHC”


Yeah, DHCing to another safe super is probably the best way to tag someone in.

However, with Cable, doing the time flip will get you killed versus anyone with half a brain and a distance super.

The best way to tag in Cable (besides the obvious safe tag characters) is to Counter-AHVB. You must have assist B for this to work. It uses 2 meters (like a DHC), but you can continue the combo if you hit. Only problem with it is that you bring in Cable with two less meters than before.

Some characters aren’t safely tagged in by Spirals swords (if their taunt animation is too long).

If you’re playing against someone a little less experianced, just tag in sentinel. If they do anything but launch or super (like go for low short), you get off scot free.


Sentinel’s HSF into tag is rollable. Well its weird. Sometimes Cable will hit the character while in mid air instead of a low hit. Storm I believe hits with her tag a majority times high enough so you can’t roll. It all depends on the characters tag in normal. Magneto can safe tag if he lands a cr rh, sj ad df rh, cr rh type combo. Iron Man hah. I enjoy using cr fierce into tag. But its definitely not safe unless the missile hits then the missile and tag, combo. And Sim can do jab yoga fire into tag. But who uses sim? :slight_smile: Adding to the list of when you can sort of tag. It depends on the player you are up against. If they have a pattern like Sentinel for example, if he does fierce+storm, rp, hsf. You can tag in and hit Sentinel. Or if the Cable tries st fierce+assist, etc. All depends. Its all theory though. Hehe


  • Spiral - after loading swords, press jab, jab, switch, jab, jab. This works because you can keep throwing swords with Spiral even after the tag

    Does this really work?I havent seen or heard of this but if it works I will start doing it alot.Thanks for everyones help.


For Ironman it’s:

Infinte, land, tag

Simple as that.


When they superjump, tag in. :wink:


becareful on that one … if i see a tag coming then i drop tron and superjump on purpose. calling a tag is easy to do. when there life gets low then expect it.
with out dhc the next charachter in … sorry to say but in no way can you bet on them surviving cable. i always consider changing charachters to be a two barred event. the only good just straight ones that come to mind are :

from iron man’s infinte to the next carachter. but hitting higher (like storm does) is preferable. magnetos lk. sweep (otg) to tag is good, especially to jin (gives mad props to the elite krew ;)) in general spiral’s knives are a good way but i like to jump over them, do the circle throw (qcf lk) do the fast land move then tag while there in blockstun. sentinel’s drones are hard to use with out some thing like blackhearts assist keeping them on the ground. so all in all its no good to tag blindly.
i call everything but dhc and those listed above (theres probably a couple more though) blind tags, because you tag in and hope they don’t know some way around it.
just format your team to either not lose a charachter :wink: or set it up to dhc friendly into the next.
i use cable, ahvb - into hail and then storm, lightiningstorm- into - either mob, or king kobun (close only) whatever you prefer. storms hail is a get-out-of-shit-free-card so i abuse that. :wink:
all in all though, just expect to either lose two bars changing charachters or the charachter you just tagged in.


I use Dhalsim… that’s who!

Sim is fokken tight, he can qcf+kk into instant DHC just like Mags… but he’s got hella tight combo setups into it preferable DHCs are to Hail, Proton Cannon, or if comboing, also Captain Storm, or HSF (ie:, or OTG into a, cancelled to qcf+kk, then cancelled to Captain Storm, Hail, Proton Cannon, or HSF… other shit comboes too). you can also set up phat combos if you’ve got a good assister afterward… any time you hit Sim’s qcf+kk (usually combo’ed in), they fly way up in the air and then drop down where you can hit them again time it so that you’re recovered by the time they land.

Another good way to hit this on Cable (since nobody seems to like him), pressure with Sim as normal… all of Sim’s normal attacks can be cancelled into a teleport. When he tries to AHVB you and/or your assist, you cancel to a teleport behind him and qcf+kk his ass… and proceed.

DHC at the top of the flip to Storm’s lightning, OTG,, combo of choice (I go into lightning attack into lightning storm,DHC to Sent and finish the combo.)

DHC to Sent at top (you recover by the time they’re back down), then you can launch and combo, or do another HSF, dash, launch and combo,
or… DHC immediately and your last drone from the HSF will hit… you can then rp,xx,hsf… s.hp,xx,rp,xx,hsf… or launch into combo.

You can see the usefullness of this too… with Storm and Sent, in either oder behind Sim, you can kill Cable if you have 4 levels (or a little less since you build some… 3 and some change)

it safe tags Sim and kills their character (Cable preferably at the same time). ie: teleport behind and assister gets AHVB’ed a bit, qcf+kk, DHC to HSF immediately(if Sent is not the one being nailed by the AHVB… DHC at top if he is), last set hits (or not if DHC’ed at top), launch+Sim aaa, / , hp,xx,fly (they hit Sim’s assist), lk,mk, then either rocket punch to safe bar (will still do like 85% of a Cable’s life), or qcf+pp DHC’ed into hail will kill Cable, or DHC’ed into lightning and then into Yoga fire will kill other stronger characters (at which point you can just tag to you other character before their new one drops in).

or with Storm next…
qcf+kk, DHC at top to Storm’s lightning storm, otg, aaa, / , hp, air dash down (they hit the assist), hp to cancel your air dash and land,, / , hp, air dash d/f, lk,mk, LAx2,xx,lightning storm, cancel to HSF, dash launch and combo… you can even qcf+pp in the air and DHC to Sim’s qcf+pp and aim upward if you need to kill a stronger character form 100% life.

With Cable you can DHC at the top of the qcf+kk to his qcf=kk super, then launcht ehm when they’re on their way down, super jump up and back, the AHVB them up in the air (not really more damage than if you’d have just let Sim hit… but it gets him out.

And naturally… Magneto can tempest… they drop in, then OTG them into a combo in normal Magneto fashion… works best to DHC right after Sim graps them on this one.

Also qcf+kk instant DHC to Proton cannon is a 1 frame punisher… too fokken good for a safe tag to damage.

Anyway, that’s some safe tag and DHC shiet with Sim… TOO FOKKEN GOOD! The guy’s a killa!


DHCs and counters are good and all, but they’re not always the best idea. You might need a big chunk of meter, in which case tagging is the best idea. ie. Cable. Mag/Cable have a safe DHC but still it leaves Cable with 3 meters at most, which often means he can kill one character and has to build enough meter on his own to kill another. Same with counter AHVB.


Is that corner only or not?


EVOLUTION 2k2 semi-spoiler

watching the finals of Rowtron vs Justin made me thought a LOT HARDER on tagging in characters


<— (the guy that did all the combos in that vid)
thanks… and that shit is tight… cuz if done right… you cant roll out of it…


The best safe switches are on DHC’s in combos
But if they get predictable (all to often) I’ll just wait for say a sent ground assist and time it so I bounce off of one drone that works wonders especially on attempted traps. Also when they superjump.