Safe vs Reckless

Recently after dealing with some frustrations in AE i began to think… might it be worth it to start taking off the mask with Vega?

one of vega’s biggest issues is his damage output and lack of options, no?

i began to wonder… maybe capcom views Vega as a risk taker in a fight (which… if we think about it… he kind is as a character lol) and wants his users to take more risks to receive the higher rewards with him.

also, as a character, when vega is fighting he often is a few steps ahead of his opponent, so maybe that’s part of what capcom is forcing out of vega users - where it’s conscious or not -_-

i’ve tried out removing the mask at times, and it’s often helped. of course this is only something to do when you either know what you’re dealing with, what to expect, and how to deal with it (i.e.- you knwo the match up very well) or when keeping the mask on will make no difference (i.e. - one more hit or chip damage on the next attack will still kill you).

the 10% damage increase on EVERY attack is definitely noticeable. i on’t even want to go own the road of talking about the huge differences it makes. of course, the damage you receive is equally devastating. but stun is not… and if i’m not mistaken, when a vega user gets worked, stun still plays it’s part lol, so with or without the mask, the outcome may have been the same, no?

think about this people… what are your thoughts?

probably. I’m not a Vega main or anything and I’m not real good at the game but that’s what I’ve taken to doing. imo just gun that shit

something else i notice is that sometimes people think you’re taunting or something which causes them to become agitated, bold… and dumb. some players play better (more focused) when they start getting mad, but i think most play dumber (more predictable and bloodthirsty).

On a practical note, as clever as it may seems, beside all that psychological advantage, the main flaw the removed mask has, it is too easy to pick up again. On a close to five minute training session (at least) I noticed that the claw and mask always tend to fall to the center of the stage. So if you want to play a footsie match you almost always are in danger of picking it up again. So there is one meter and so one EX FBA combo gone… Not to mention the massive recovery frames which will knock you down if the opponent is not in stun/ in recovery himself. This leads to me only removing the mask for the final blow or to increase the damage output if the opponent is in stun.

I have always thought that removing the mask should be free, while removing the claw should cost one bar (as a taunt, which is really the only purpose of that move - and don’t start with resetting the hit count of the claw before it is blown off…)

i lol everytime a vega takes off his mask and think, “damn he mad”

Do you get the same damage increase even when it falls off from the opponent’s attack? Or does it ONLY work when you manually take it off?

@ RedVega
yeah, the result is the same. 10% increase to ALL damage received and dealt when the mask is off. you can confirm this in training mode. with the mask off, every attack will be 10% higher than normal, and so will damage received. train vs vega, with vega and it’ll all show. as for the loss of the claw, it decreases every fist attack by 10 hit points.

@ Shadow VII
(cool name by the way ;)) LOL and you are correct, about the character at least. when vega removes his mask in the game he makes a remark that implies his anger. idk if you knew this or not. idk what he says in english, but i know that in japanese he says a very forceful “omae!” which only translates in to “you!” literally, but with the force behind it it’s more like "YOU!! (i’m gonna kill you)" lol.

@ Star
yeah i see your points, and indeed the opponent it’s not a move you can just do whenever thanks to the recovery frames, and indeed it’s too easy to pick back up when you want it off. i think that when you personally remove it, you should have to do or press something to make him pick it back up lol, additionally, too make it more inticing (especially since it’s an actual move) the trade off should be 10% increase to damage output, and 5% increase to damage received. that way more people would have been using it from the get go… esp because his health and stun are already not so great. the claw removal should be free the way it is (especially because it does absolutely NOTHING to help you… if it resulted in a stun increase or hit-stun increase to make combo-ing easier then it would make sense for it to cost meter), and it would be nice for the mask removal to be free too. i also think normal removals should gain meter, if ex ones can take it away lol…

I gotta agree here. One step over the mask and it’s wasted bars, not to mention getting knocked anywhere near it during the fight.

Since SSF4 I always thought they should have just made the mask or claw throw have the same input as Guile’s sunglasses. The claw throw should be kept free though since it willingly puts the Vega user at a disadvantage with basically no perks (yes you reset but the enemy can still knock it off regardless).

the claw and mask thrwos should literaly be thrown at the opponent, even if it does no damage lol, and should be able to hit them. a la dudley and his rose… speaking which… vega should be the one throwing them… no dud…

the mask can be avoided by jumping, or dashing. even if you jump on it, if you’re remain trying to jump he won’t put it on.

I was playing last night vs my training buddy, and everytime I decided to throw caution to the wind and just rush that shit down I threw away mask. My buddy tells me its pretty intimidating because he knows he either has to intercept my aggression or block it. But that damage is definitely noticeable.

I don’t think it’s wasting meter so long as you get in at least one to two good claw swipes. That extra damage is what the meter is supposed to be used for anyway.


Man, i’m glad i found this topic. Now whether Capcom intended Vega to be a risky, rush down type of character or not, I think this style suited him great in Super. He defense was crap anyway, and if you weren’t a footsie player, Cosmic Heel enabled Vega to be a potentially deadly offensive threat in the right hands. But this all depended on CH being so good on block from close or far away. Now, in AE, if you even attempt an all out offensive approach with Vega you will get your ass handed to you in a swift, embarrassing manner. I don’t think it is possible to play risky and not eventually destroy your controller out of game rage with Vega in AE. Footsies is definitley the way to go in this version, and capcom was nice enough the nerf the damage on cr.Mp and cr.Mk just to make the task that much harder.

cMK damage wasnt nerfed… capcom lied

Are you sure? The damage looked a damn sight nicer in super.

hop into training mode and set damage on and take a look. capcom lied… which means that capcom may actually nerf the damage in an update.

Wouldn’t put it past them, shitting on Vega is a well known Capcom fetish.

I seem to remember that you can control where Vega throws the mask/claw depending upon which buttons are used, but I could be wrong. Will check on this tonight.

You can only throw the mask with PPP. The only use i see for mask throw is> Stun opponent have 3 bars then Dash mask throw charge B>St HP>EX RCF>Cr mp>FBA… This is the most efficient way i can find to waste one bar intead of just starting with focus…Looks Cool though…and vega is all about looks…lol
Capcom gave many characters moves to mix up their opponent but vega was fortunate enough to be given moves to mixup and distract his users. And even better you get rid of that pesky flashing blue bar at the bottom of the screen. Blue wan never vega’s favorite color anyway…

On a more serious note…Vega super is SHIT so you have 4 bars and opponent had no bars or ultra then you are in a better position to take advantage of the mask buff than your opponent. I think the fact that his options are limited to weak combos while you options are more then why the hell not…Another idea is…loos at that stupid guile back himself in the corner…now its my turn to do the damage…why not throw the mask off THEN kick his ass:badboy:

also you have time to take off ure mask and kick goken ass after he wiffs his spin kick…

Its just simple risk and reward which are both affected by super bars, ultra and distance to the corner. Think about it