Safe ways to approach?

I’m slightly confused as to how I’m getting thrown if I like call Frank shopping cart or hawkeye triple arrow assists and then jump and zip towards my enemy…in theory the enemy is in blockstun therefore cannot jump and throw me…but I keep on getting thrown…

What’s the last thing they’re blocking, the assist or the zipline? The zipline is active, even when it’s connected to the wall, so if that’s what they block last, they could pick you up after blocking that in the beginning frames of their jump. Or if they’re chicken blocking the assist, I think the moment they touch the ground, they’re no longer in blockstun. Kinda like how you can make some moves safe by doing them in the air just before you land.
Either way, you can make ziplining safer by calling the assist later.

you should zip line forward/down 70-80% of the time and occasionally due the jump forward zip. You can still be thrown from any zip but the spacing is super super hard for the oppenent if you do forward/down