Safety of command grab

Oftentimes, people here will say that the command grab is really risky so you can’t rely on it as part of his mixup. I went into parry training to see just how true that is, and the results may surprise you.

Basically, I had Oro stand a couple steps away from the opponent, and made him do low forward into Jab command grab. Here, then, is the list of what each character can punish this with on block:

Yun - S.fierce, qcf+P.

Ken - Sweep, SA3. If Oro attempted the combo at point-blank range, you can also do low forward xx SA3.

Chun - S.fierce, SA2. And SA1 i guess. =P

Makoto - qcf+fierce.

Urien - Tackle, EX tackle.

Yang - Fierce slashes, EX slashes, SA2. Probably SA1 also, forgot to test since nobody uses it. shrug

Dudley - SA3 for 4 hits of crappy damage. That’s it.

Akuma - Sweep, SA1. See note on Ken, replace SA3 with SA1.

Ryu - Same as Akuma. I also think Denjin might be able to get a couple guaranteed hits here…not sure.

Elena - Slide, SA2. If he tried it at point-blank range, you can sometimes connect the whole EX spin scythe, but that’s very random and Oro can just stay out of that range anyway.

Necro - hcf+short, SA1, SA3. If he did it at point-blank range you can punish with neutral strong XX super or hcf+strong XX super.

Ibuki - Sweep, SA3. And she can’t even land the second hit after the sweep.

Alex - Sweep, EX elbow.

Remy - EX low boom, SA1. If he wasn’t at the absolute max range of the combo, sweep also works.

Hugo - Low forward. Yup, even HAMMUH MOUNTAIN doesn’t work.

Q - SA1. If he wasn’t at max range, you can also punish with jab slappy hands.

Twelve - S.strong, SA1.

Sean - Sweep, SA1, SA3. The shoto low forward thing applies with those supers as well.

Oro - S.forward (most damage and stun), fierce uppercut (1 hit for measly damage, but knocks down).

And that’s that! Overall, I was surprised by how safe the move is when the opponent doesn’t have meter. Yang can always punish it hard so I would basically never use it on him, and Makoto is also bad since fierce hayate starts her whole mixup. For the most part, though, I like this move as long as they don’t have meter…the damage and knockdown are well worth the risk of eating a single heavy attack.


is fierce command grab more unsafe, cause i always use that one, figure if i go for low forward command grab, i might as well commit to the damage/stun

Oro’s command grab has the same frame disadvantage as a shoto sweep. Think of it that way.

I didn’t look at the frame data, but if what Jinrai says is true, then shouldn’t Dudley be able to reversal Duck xx Super a blocked command grab for full hits of either SA1 or SA3, just like a shoto sweep?

Oro’s Jab, Strong, and Fierce command grabs have the SAME frame disadvantage on block: -15.

Ryu/Ken’s sweep: -13 (Oro’s blocked grab is WORSE!)
Akuma’s sweep: -15 (Same as Oro’s grab.)
Sean’s sweep: -16 (Oro’s blocked grab is better.)

Anything you can do to a shoto sweep, you can do to Oro’s grab.

So basically…get that shit blocked from as far as possible to reduce what the opponent will be able to punish with. Learn to confirm your s.MK’s.

yeah, you can actually do hit confirm, but if you do a standing move, why not just do mpxxxwhatever. low forward is fucking impossible to hit confirm and you have to do it sometimes when people try to block high from instant stomps or mp or throw. it’s not worth it vs some characters but some it’s hella worth it like vs urien negative edged into command grab works(first quarter circle mk, on hit th second quarter crcle+ p) but you need to be pretty close to pull it off.

Do you mean cancelled? Negative edging would be if you used kick for the command grab.

I meant buffering sorry