Sagara Sanosuke Fan Art and doujin! Sano vs. Jack the Ripper!

In honor of Sagara Sanosuke being included in the new Jump Superstars game for the DS, I put up a bunch of my Sagara Sanosuke fan art up at Madman’s Cafe in celebration, but I can’t neglect the greatest forum site in the world! First picture is of Sagara Sanosuke chillin.’

And here’s one of him fighting Ryoga from Ranma 1/2.

Lastly this is a doujin I did that combines Rurouni Kenshin with From Hell. It leans more towards RK but every line Jack the Ripper says in this story is a misquote from Alan Moore’s From Hell graphic novel. It reads from right to left, the way mangas do because I wanted to give that a try. Enjoy!

The one guy chewing on the bones looks pretty cool. The comic type stuff was pretty solid. Reminds me of old school comics. Overall very nice.

Coming from you I take it as a great compliment. Thanks!