Sagat and Cammy. Sagat's Nightmare?

Ok I’m really struggling when dealing with Cammys as Sagat. I read the match up thread and I’m using all the suggestions but I’m still not finding myself on the winning side too often.

LTS don’t seem to be that consistent when stopping her Cannon Drill. I’ve yet to find this to be a good zoning tool except for when she’ll occasionally jump and I can her twice into ultra if I have it.

The only consistent thing I’ve seen is punishing her Cannon Drill with a tiger uppercut.

What I hate the most is how I basically have to turtle the whole match looking for openings as opposed to actually mounting a solid offense against her. This results with me in the corner and Cammy just beating the crap out of me.

So if anyone has any advice on this I’d really appreciate it.

if she cannon drills from far away do a focus attack and just tiger uppercut her aerials. That should about do it if you get a trade or a focus crumple you can take 30%+ from poor old cammy. Be careful about using to many tiger shots if she focuses one and then does her ultra and catches you it can hurt.

Cammy is a tough character if you are unsure of her gimmicks. She is easy to punish when she uses her specials unless they are EX specials. I find myself simply blocking vs cannon spikes and spiral arrows, and then punishing via throwing her down, but if she uses an EX, dont try to throw her, she recovers way too fast.

How to beat cammy:

Hold down back


far from a nightmare.

“results with me in the corner and cammy beating the crap out of me”


Not flaming you in particular but jesus christ SRK - kids don’t know to just block? Just crouch block, the worst she can do is throw you - then tech it.

You are probably getting fucked up by jab jab short spiral arrow cannon spike, cancel, cannon spike nonsense. just fucking block!

  1. Throw low tiger shots all day, make her jump, DP her.

  2. Don’t jump in at her, she has a DP move.


  4. Bait random cannon spikes.

  5. “The only consistent thing I’ve seen is punishing her Cannon Drill with a tiger uppercut.” no shit, your TU is an anti-air. her cannon drill comes from the sky (might have the terms mixed up, but i think spiral arrow is low, cannon spike is a dp, and cannon drill is that aerial looking spiral arrow).

  6. I assume you’re playing on xbox live and getting whooped up on… That being the case, don’t try to throw her, the kid on the other end of the interwebs is mashing DP whenever you’re close and you keep getting hit… block!

Good idea, except if you misjudge the distance and she recovers quickly you’re getting thrown / dp’d for using focus. Just block, if she does it at a safe distance, do nothing. If it’s unsafe, tiger uppercut her into ultra.

  1. When you block her super and ultra, block low.

  2. If you lose, kill yourself (j/k, but seriously stop making us sagat’s look bad)

9. there’s a match up thread

Tiger knee owns. Standing lk also owns.

Here is your ultimate answer. Get a Square-gate joystick. Seriously, if her point of entry is from the skies, then it should be no problem for you to punish. Like Playground said. BLOCK. Jesus Christ, I see so many players just get demolished because when they get into the heat of battle, they want to stay in there. Just back off a bit, it’s called awkward silence and out of ideas for the other player. Use it.

Sometimes, certain players only use 1 type of string. Blocking helps you distinguish a good player from a bad one. When the player becomes predictable, that is when you start attacking from multiple angles with multiple strings. And when you DO, that’s when you stay in the heat of battle. If you knock her down or have a chance to gain some space, then do so and don’t stay away from Cammy all the time and spam Tiger Shots. You will push yourself into the corner. I see this happen way too many times and it is especially dangerous to do so if you’ve already performed a throw string. That way, your chances of reversing positions in the corner get slim.

One thing that wasn’t mentioned. Jump back + HP. Beats EX hooligan all the time.

this thread is so true. thanks for the tip guys…

Be careful in throwing out Tiger Shots when she has meter guys, she can get past Tiger Shots with EX Cannon Drill, EX Hooligan, or Ultra. Also, Cannon Spike will beat Tiger Uppercut if you guys both do them at the same time. You need EX Tiger Uppercut to beat it out. Cammy can also Cannon Spike a Tiger Knee cleanly I believe, and her low fierce stuffs standing Roundhouse, I’m pretty sure on that too.

Spinning Knuckles can be countered with crouching jabs into whatever you want, or if you can Tiger Uppercut on reaction, go for it.

Also, spinning knuckles = raw ultra too.

Another thing, I’ve seen cammy players knock you down, with hooligan sweep or throw, then on wake up do another hooligan and it grabs you. You can’t block low, focus, uppercut, or dash back, you just eat it for free. Unless I’m misunderstanding something, anyone figure that one out yet?

I remember something along the lines that when you wakeup, even if you wake up crouching, there’s a frame or two or whatever that you’re still in standing animation. And since you’re standing, you can get grabbed by hooligan.

Jump back plus hit buttonz?

No thats the tech trap:)
When you do a tech after knockdown and cammy does a hooligan throw she will grab u crouching or standing so u can’t block it.

more info from Sabin:
also im not sure about this but i think goukis demon flip will grab crouchers on the first frame of their wakeup, kind of like how cammys hooligan wil grab crouchers on their wakeup frames (not sure how many people know about this, but sanford showed me this months back.) I think Goukis demon flip has the same property.

looks like u can do it from a non tech to

Btw Cammy sagat nightmare???
I wish…,downback and fire away for the free win.

Kara tu (hk version) connects after blocked cannon spike.

Cammy only has one move that you cant counter on reaction thats cannon strike, other than that db, zone her out…

End thread.

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I’ll crush you until you learn how easy to beat cammy with holding down back… lol

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I havent got much problems vs. Cammy, BLOCK LOW -> PUNISH x5 = Cammy dead.

As a Cammy main, one thing that so many fireball characters (not just Sagat) seem to miss is that if Cammy is backing up, there’s usually only one thing she’s trying to do… EX hooligan on the fireball you’re about to do. Think before you throw out fireballs. If you’re not throwing fireballs and Cammy is at the other end of the screen, you have every opportunity to low block a hooligan or a spin knuckle, since those are her two fastest/safest ways to close a large distance and get up in your face.

Cammy is my worst i cry when i see her i sit in the corner and block all day