Sagat Artwork

Hi everyone!

I haven’t posted art here for a while, so here is my latest piece… I’m not so sure on a title, but currently its called “Scar Tissue”.

Hope you all like it, i spent a fair-ish amount of time on it… I don’t get much time these days with University and everything. Drawing Sagat is really fun, as you get to exaggerate just about… everything.

Let me know what you guys think.

… Do you guys really think its that bad?

Criticisms are better than no comments.

As much as I hate Sagat online, that is a good pic.

Sagat… Interesting

it looks pretty cool…but just a little critque… although Sagat, Zangief , and any other muscled character can be exaggerated - it should be to a certain extent…everyone has their own style, but take care when applying muscles…keep up the good work, i would love to see more from ya soon:)

Very cool Sagat sketch. That is a beautiful piece of artwork! I give it two thumbs up! :cool:

Thank you very much, it’s a bit of a relief to know that someone (out there) actually likes it and doesn’t think it’s crap. Thanks again.

Definitely, i completely agree. I will try and take that into account next time - there are just so many factors to take in.

I actually have a few criticisms myself, i’m still quite new to this so i hope you’ll forgive me… But i still find dynamic poses difficult, and lighting - it seems so arbitrary, but my mind just can’t process these issues just yet.

I’ll post a Ryu pic soon.

no worries man, EVERYBODY and ALL artists has to start out from somewhere in one form or another and we all have different drawing styles, place any other quick sketches in the “sketches” thread, and for sure youd get some responses and more advice from others there too.:slight_smile:

The pic is actually ok in terms of conveying the character, and the pose is befitting of the character. Linework actually is not bad either… even though there’s a lot of shading the pic is still clearly defined.

imho, anatomy is overly exaggerated - esp in the bicep area where it begins to look abstracted. Proportions are a tad off - maybe it was intentional to exaggerate it manga-style but the waist is still too small for the body.

Do some research (on the web, bodybuilding mags, etc) to help you out. You seem to have a grasp of shading - try to replicate accurately before you stylize your drawings. Your proportions and anatomy will be better that way.

dynamism in pics is affected by a few factors - the line of action in a character (check out “how to” books on comics - they’ll usually touch on this), the angle at which the pic is viewed (eg; worm’s eye view), etc. Stand in front of a mirror and try out a few poses and see what works for you - that way the pic will seem more fluid. Use the internet as a resource - if you want to show a person being thrown Judo-style, don’t just make it up - check it out on the web… there’s a pretty good chance that that pic exists. That way you’ll know placement of the hands, how the grab is done, how the person being thrown reacts, etc.

keep drawing :slight_smile:

I was going to say pretty much the same thing as rook did. It looks like you’ve got good pencilling ability and a decent command of anatomy. The problem with this image is that the pose is as static as they come. Sagat looks absolutely flat, because he’s drawn at eye-level, and mirrored from left to right.

Dynamicism is the answer to this. You don’t have to go as extreme as a birds-eye, but try to add a little perspective. Foreshortening a limb, or creating a unique pose for your character are two other ways to improve the composition.

What are you kidding me, what’s with those harsh critics? I mean, even though there are obvious mistakes in human anatomy like those insane muscles and the bones bulging out of the fingers so intensely the shading is spectacular and the shapes are realistic looking at the belt line of his pants not to mention character resemblance.

And here’s a tip: scan in black and white… the blue shade is quite a pissoff… :rolleyes:

hey Brain Digger… I remember you from one of the SNK boards I visited :slight_smile:

criticisms weren’t actually harsh per se. They were actually rather constructive, with none of the “OMG this SuX0Rz!1!!” The artist asked what we thought, and we were giving objective advice on how we felt he/she could improve. Not one person bashed it as bad art btw… even I (the most critical person in this thread) pointed out things that I felt were handled well.

as for scanning, I think you meant to say “scan in grayscale” - scanning in black and white mode doesn’t make pencil sketches look very good. Useful tip though.


:slight_smile: Wow! Very interesting! I can’t remember if this was the same artist who did the several Street Fighter drawings Sweet made a bit fun of. Your sketching has no flaw, but I’m afraid to say, try not to concentrate on perfecting things.

Several beginning artist focus to much on perfection. Yes, it is true that an artist must work at first to be correct, but not to mention that he/she should not forget that there is little virtue in sheer correctness. Ultimately, he should propose-right or wrong-to be convincing. Then alas, he/she should acquire such mastery of structure that he/she no longer depend on the accuracy of his/her eye or the patience of his/her model.

Nice Job, jz_chu237! Like my Sagat?

You of all people should know there’s no such thing as black and white… What you reffer to is lineart mode. Black and white would usually mean grayscale… though it is an inaccuarate term.
And yeah, lineart mod is only good for inks and in huge quallity like 300-500 dpi… and for stuff ment to be printed out later on…

Umm… You could’ve met me on… ummm… Inner Circle? Or maybe Versus City?

Hmmm, i do like to perfect things, it’s human nature for me - if it’s less than perfect then i tend to distance myself from the picture and it becomes difficult to motivate myself to give it my all.

Yes, that would be me - the artist that Sweet so ‘generously encouraged’. I’m still healing from the wounds today… Enough about me - your Sagat is very cool and… cute for Sagat.

I definitely will next time. Actually, if anyone is interested i’ll re-scan Sagat, for your viewing pleasure! Thanks Brain Digger.

Good stuff JZ_Chu237 :D, just remember it’s called a “six-pack” for a reason.:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways here’s my Mouseart: