Sagat av

Can anyone make me a dope Sagat av? I don’t care what it looks like just be very creative with it


Damn no one wanna make me an av? =(

Ill make it

Give specifics. Since shatterstar told me to…i MIGHT take an av request. O_o

Play me at cvs2. im bored.

edit: fuckin shit ass, guy above me beat me to it. Good shit.

I’d love to play you in CvS2 but I don’t think that’s gonna be possible seeing how I live on the other side of the country…lol

Anything is good tho I just want it to look creative

i can walk there, give me your address, i’ll start walking now.

Haha why would you wanna play me tho =/

It’s cool man if you want to take it go ahead

i don’t care who makes it I just want an av =(

take it take it take it, it’s all good.

Aw man!! I was too late to do this awesome request. Some nice
guys allready have their hands on it :frowning:

Hi shim, i gave you rep because i love you so much. <3

LOL go for it man

nope i already beat everyone to it muahahahahaha
there it is bro, hope thats aiight

you are creative homie you have come a long way since i first saw you come on here

Lalo is a… a um, ah… well, just refer to my signature…