Sagat avatar request

Hey, could any of you talented avatar artists please make me an animated Sagat avatar?

Im particularly fond of these images

But if you can find an animated of tiger uppercut and/or tiger knee, that would be supreme.

Muchos gracias :tup:

I’ll have a go at this :smiley:
Strangely enough I was actually playing around with making a Sagat animation last night anyways… might be to your liking.

btw. if anyone can link me to a SFa Sagat sprite sheet, I’d be very grateful. I can’t seem to find one myself :confused:

Thanks mang, I appreciate it

went a 'lil over da top

Well… not sure this will be for you.
I tried too much on this one and had to cut it down a lot…

This might not be in the line of what your were looking for (but the Tiger Upper cut is in there!), so again don’t feel obliged to use it.

If you like the idea, you can have this one, which I hope fits into premium size. :sweat:

46.84 KB

This is what you could have had, if file size would have been no issue. :sweat:
86.1 KB

I actually wanted to have even more on there… but noticed at this point that it was already getting too big. :smiley:

Ay thanks homes, fuckin hella dope