Sagat Avatar Request


Hey guys , I’ve had some troubles finding a good .gif avatar with Sagat in it for this forum so I couldnt find one (because of avatar restrictions on this forum) so I’d like to request one! :shy:

Its this .gif avatar I want

But then the name “Optitius” in it aswel!

I will HIGHLY appreciate it!! :wink:


Image isn’t showing up there, pal.


Oh shit, the link indeed doesnt work anymore

Can anyone just make a random .gif Sagat avatar for me with my name in it?



Hey optitius, I decided to make one for you, This the best I can come up with ince this sites file size limit is making is difficult hope you like it



lol u are the best dude :lovin:


no problem :), dont forget to give me credit on your signature.