Sagat Bread N' Butters and more

Here’s a couple BNB combos

J.Roundhouse—>Jab—>Light Kick—>any Tiger Crush shoud be 5 hits
J.Roundhouse—>Jab—>Tiger Uppercut should be 7 hits

Here’s a couple C Groove Supers w/combos

L.2 Tiger Cannon—>cancel to L.1 Tiger Cannon should be 9 hits
L.2 Tiger Genocide—>Tiger Uppercut should be 10 hits

If u need anymore, just ask

does this work?
cross up lk,, st.jab, st. fierce, uppercut
would the push the opponent too far for the standing fierce?

Thanks S.akuma19!!!

No prob man. Anything to help out a fellow gamer such as yourself

eh S.Akuma19…u didn’t answer my q yet…