Sagat Changes should be posted tonight

On Eventhubs in case anyone’s been wondering.

They’re usually pretty consistent with their one week updates.

So lets hope we see some necessary Buffs AND NERFS(yes I said Nerfs)

What nerfs are necessary for Sagat? Please explain.

Well you never know, cause they can make unnecessary nerfs like they did with Gen.

Well, with what was said at the location tests, Sagat’s going to have a fair share of SF4 traits and SSF4 traits in him, but his speed and overall comboability will probably be non-existant like it is now.

Tiger slap the OP for mentioning nerfs to sagat.

I’m pretty excited to see what’s gonna change. He will be my main regardless.

My first nerf would involve less damage on AS ex TU, 240 is just too much damage for any move in this game, even if it essentially costs two bars. The problem is AS TU takes off 200, so I’d say drop that to 180, make the ex 200-210 and regular TU 130-140.

Lastly, slight damage nerf on ex TS. Even for Akuma, 120 is too strong in my honest opinion, should be 100.

At least I think thats fair(especially if Sagat got some old tools back).

no you just fail. with no combo potential, or great hit confirms. he needs that damage. and TS do less damage? im sorry, but you can shut up now.

I never knew why this board was so hostile, but it’s obvious you’re suffering from an extreme case of sand in the vagina. I wonder what happened to people arguing without name calling or insults.

name calling? insults? Looks like someone is suffering from vaginitus (giant ass pussy)there was none in that post, but ill indulge you.

Your nerfs or opinions are shit, and you are an idiot for suggesting such utter bullshit. Dont know what the fuck you are talking about. You can shut the fuck up now.

See the diffrence between post one and this one.

This thread is going places. :coffee:

Calling someone a fail or suggesting WHEN they can shut up is not an insult?

You obviously have the mind of a child with your nonsensical rambles.

The fact that slight suggestions to a video game character garner that response from an individual is pathetic.

You have a lot of growing up to do.

Lastly you’re acting as if I proposed earth shattering nerfs for the Character.

If you expect Sagat to have his cancel, big buff on TU, better lk Knee, he has to have some nerfs.

so you are an adult and you cannot read. i said your suggestions are fail. and then said to shut up with your nonsense. how bout you nut up, read a book for comprehension learnins, and you do some maturing and not get high n mighty when some one says to shut up with your nonsense.

but hey being a kid and not being a butt hurt noron like you sure beats the hell out of that.

edit: he needs no nerfs. he never won anything in Vanilla, and ceartinly nothing in Super. nerf him more? OK

Nice troll Tiger Slap ^^.

Sorry Sohma if I appear to be a troll, it’s truly not my intention, Sagat is by far my favourite character.

“no you just fail”…Where did you say my suggestion was a failure? Does ‘you’ mean my suggestion?

I’ll be sure to pick up this book on ‘learnins’.

And I apologize if I come off as thinking I’m superior. It has nothing to do with that, I just think you could present yourself better than you do, and that’s not a shot at you.

Sagat needs no nerfs. Also, I’m more than certain that SRK will have the info before Eventhubs, since they just steal that shit from Azrael anyways.

Sagat needs angry scar buff and tiger uppercut buff (using angry scar plus ex tiger uppercut should do hell of alot more dmg) His dmg should be increased regardless. (how does a fat man honda over power a powerfull tall man sagat) U1 wall glitch should be fixed, his tiger knees should link easier. He shouldn’t be consider top tier but really sagat never won all tournaments in vanilla did he… sagat usually beat the low and mids and than get beat by a high tier char on top 8.

Since they won’t give him more damage on the TU, because it would negate the Angry scar, he should get his standing LK back so he has a sweet poke, or rearrange the damage on his TKs so the second hit does more damage and the first does less.

normal tu should do 180, ex 200. as tu should do 220 and ex 260. make as able to be used in combos (c.MP, as, c.MP, tu). hes already getting a slight nerf on his ts, so thats good. easier links, and a comboable/cancelable close HP. safe lk tk and cancelable lk are alrready in as well, so thats good too. with this, shit should be good. i guess its too much to ask for a better/faster/further dash for escape/rushdown purposes.