Sagat Changes should be posted tonight

I hear this alot but I like his standing LK (break fa quickly) I think they should have it both… but how?

I hear you on that, but where he would be lacking in his ability to break focus attacks quickly, he would gain a whole new dimension on his footsies. He would be a counter poking machine that will be feared if you can use his s lk. Furthermore, it is useless at max range… 10 damage? What the hell is that. I really don’t think anyone else in the game has such shit damage on any of their normals.

Not sure if you’re serious about the “but how?” part but it’d be pretty simple–just make both hits of cancellable.

Few things that I don’t think would break Sagat and make him more competitive:
First off, his TU business is fine as it is. It’s a solid anti-air, that’s it’s job. AS adds damage, you trade meter for damage, everything is cool.

Onwards, making both hits of cancellable as I said earlier would be solid. Shifting damage around with his s.rh to be 60/60 would certainly help out instead of 80/40. Bring his health back up to where it used to be (he went down to like 1050 from 1100 if I’m not mistaken?). Also extend his hit box to at least cover his foot…the canckle cut off point just looks and feels awkward. Making his s.rh feint be able to be activated with any other kick press would also make performing that far more consistent.

He doesn’t really need any nerfs. The biggest reasons he was a threat in vanilla was his huge ultra damage output, his huge f.rh damage output, his huge TU damage output, and the obnoxious hit box on s.rh. All of those were addressed. There’s a reason his TU and Cammy’s CS both do 100 damage–they’re hella harder to stuff than ryu’s mp.srk and guile’s…the trade of damage for reliability is fine, the fact he can even AS it to make it hit that much harder is actually kind of ridiculous.

Sagat should move fast, for some reason that character seems to be made after a tower with cannons instead of a person which is pretty damn stupid.

Besides that I suppose Tiger Knee should be slightly easier to hit.

None of this is going to happen of course.

Thats not AS purpose(to get more damage). It is suppose to be used in combos(exemple: -> AS -> Sweep), so its not impossible that they buff his TU, they even said that they buffed it on the location test.
Also, according to LI Joe, he cannot do kara with forward light kick anymore.

I 2nd this XD

Tiger uppercut now causes 120 damage.

Very little needs to change with Sagat. I love the idea of making one hit (this will improve damage on it by quite a bit since at least one of the hits whiffs so often). His normals do crappy damage, his combos do crappy damage, but he’s a decent zoning character so I guess that’s a fair trade. A bit more damage to TU would be nice, as would more AS damage.

If they add more recovery to any TS I am going to be very pissed and may quit the game for a whole WEEK

what has been posted so far…


Uppercut does 120 damage now
Angry Scar changed to kick buttons
2nd hit of does 30 damage ( does 10-30 instead of 30-10 now.)

not that happy really…they are not negative buffs, but i was expecting lk back to SF4…then i’d say sagat would be perfect…

I’m waiting for the developers blog before I believe anything

Keep in mind gamesplayer those are from one blog, we have still yet to see what the other blog says.

I wanted TU damage to be 130 :frowning:

That 800 health for Seth makes it a lot tougher fight for me ugh.


TU damage should be either :
L 120/M 140/H 160
L 120/M130/H 140

Makes no fucking reason why a powerhouse such as sagat would have one of the weakest uppercuts in the game.

AS damage should be increased a further 10/20 damage.

And to op: 2 bars for 240 damage = 2 much damage for a move? What the fuck?
So when fei uses ex chicken wing , s.hp , ex flame kick and does more then 340 damage. He should be banned? that’s broken when taking your tought into account.

Also . FADC Combos are 2 bars , almost EVERY character does more then 200 damage with a fadc combo , AND EVEN MORE THEN THAT.

The only nerf i would accept for the trade of increasing TU damage / giving back>tk would be increased recovery on TK and maybe an additional +1 on S.TS.

Other then that , fuck nerfs.


Sagat looks like trash.

true but I’ve grown a custom to his new s lk…I’m one of the very few sagat players that still use him (I can relate to sagat) so I had to learn the new s lk (pain) but I enjoy it… ps now his s lk is 10 - 30 dmg which is awesome!!

but yea so far so good with sagat but I believe more should be added. If his speed is the the same, I say add more health. His round house and fierce punch should be more dmg% and angry scar should have less frames/ more add dmg. U1 wall fix please! & tigerknee easier links.

Uberpro, that’s 3 moves from Fei compared one from Sagat.

I just don’t think a TU should take off more damage than a SPD. Haha imagine getting Hakan with the Ultra after an AS TU!

I however have always been open to the idea of stacking AS. After all, he is getting more angry isn’t he :wink:

The new supposedly is a buff , because you could cancel the 2nd hit of the into ts/tu/tk , so this will be increased damage for people that still use this near useless link.

I still use it tough, sometimes when i late crossup.


2 bars is still 2 bars. and those 3 still take like over 120 more damage then as EX TU.

Nobody fucking uses AS ex tu anyway unless your being fancy and going for the 719 / 649 combo. Why bother nerfing AS damage?

slowly rises hand

I do as well because I keep telling myself this should do alot of dmg and it doesn’t… this is one thing they gotta buff like crazy!

WTF with the nerf.

TU still needs more damage.

Sagat is boss… Dude, look at him, he looks like danger.

I use the as ex upper also.