Sagat Changes should be posted tonight

If these are the changes I am 100% OK with them

Edit: 90%, I wanted one hit lk. tk

Sagat can no longer use TS or TU!Is that fine with you? ;).

Don’t make me cry on you. lets just hope for more to come.

Official blog Sagat changes are up. According to Google Translate the changes seem to be what were already leaked from the Arcadia changes.


Official Dropping Sagat in AE Declaration.



No TS changes were mentioned and TU is buffed, you silly monkey joker

you make me sick.

I stand behind sagat no matter what!


people dropping characters based on their ability. lame. thats wut…

Go for it. My eye patch is hung up and I’m back to rockin’ the handcuffs.

Play to win.

Funny because Sagat would actually disapprove of your mentality.

Well what are you gonna do about it, might as well take it as a grain of salt.
I’m still using Sagat, if people are still willing to stick around with Sagat after SFIV, then I don’t mind working a little harder to win.
Atleast they didn’t super buff him to the point where all the bandwagoners will flock here. Which is super lame IMO.
Plus TU is buffed so I’m happy.

If Sagat received those shot nerfs that he had in the loke test he’s basically done. If he didn’t then he just made the jump from average to slightly above average.

We shall see.

Hopefully it’s the latter.

how can you destroy the king from top tier…to MID TIER?

not a 1st day mainer, but this is trash…i’m a 1st day Ryu mainer and still am, but these two got owned by the nerf hammer…will see how they work in AE.

with a roster of 35 characters its difficult not to look around for other mains.

What the fuck are they talking about? Top class? only reason Sagat beasted in Vanilla was because everybody was so weak. I mean at least make his recovery on fireballs fast you know, especially since everybody can just blow past them. I find it easier to zone with ryu than i do with Sagat. That is sad. I mean he cant even do his job right.

Capcom first you fail me with Vega, then you say Megaman Legends 3 is on 3DS idiots get to submit suggestion to taint the series and Keiji Inafune is not making it, then this Sagat crap.


who is better N.Sagat or Super Sagat?

The one thing he’s supposed to be superior to the rest of the other cast and he gets outclassed by other characters for what, a measly 100hp advantage with a bunch of other disadvantages? Fuck that.

“Tiger Uppercut’s damage is increased when connected at the 1st~2nd active frames”

Yea, makes a lot of sense…

The King has been declawed and detoothed.

Now he’s just a tiger who can’t nibble at vegetables.

Super Sagat is BARELY better then N.Sagat. But that’s because N.Sagat’s fireball game is meh and he has alot of the same nerfs as Super Sagat AND a worse uppercut if you can imagine.

Man I’m missing HDR Sagat though. He was nerfed but so much fun thanks to shot recovery glitch and TK juggles. Tons of ways to zone with him and lots TK shenanigans and he had a REAL cross-up with which is fuckin sexy.

At least he didn’t get nerfed while others did

With Sagat he was already so low I bet they just pitied his ass.