Sagat Combo Thread



One Quick Sagat Combo Video



hp tu -> fadc -> tiger scar -> ex tu-ultra

616 damage if the entire combo connects


Super Ultra n00b question: Under what circumstances can you combo a tiger shot with another tiger shot? I’ve seen it done, but never bothered to learn (I avoided Sagat until now for a variety of reasons). Also, is EX Tiger Shot -> Ultra 2 range specific? Can you do it at fullscreen against anyone other than Abel?


In vanilla you could combo any high/low tiger shot with a low tiger shit, but they removed the juggle property of low tiger shot in SF4, so you have to use EX shot. This was one of my favourite things about Sagat and one of the main reasons i picked him, it just was too cool, full-screen combo =(. And I think EX Tiger Shot>Ultra 2 is pretty reliable at any range, I just think that it’s better to save the Ultra 2 since it won’t juggle all hits.


what do you guys use now as a string to set up tiger knee pressure since standing short is all funky now


I want to know too :-).

I been using x2, then tk. Can someone tell me if this is a safe on block string to use?


Out of curiousity, from the front page, why do they suggest TK instead of TK?

edit: probably already been said a billion times but…, xx TS is an awesome super setup >.>


Cant get this overhead into jab/TU to work in super.
Is it just my execution?


Has to be meaty, meaning you hit on last active frame of overhead, so you gain frame advantage to link into cr.lp or HP TU.


I’ll have to work on my execution then, messed around with it for a little bit in training mode last night.
I know it has to be meaty, I think my timing is off and I’m not hitting on the last active frame.


In the corner against crouching oponents

cr lk, cr lk, cr lp, mk TK, Charged TU.


Possible to combo c. lk, c. lk, c. lp, lk/mk/hk TK anywhere on screen? If yes, why bother with TU enders at all (outside of FADC ultra)? Superior damage and space gain.


Every time I try that the TK gets blocked


You can combo into TK anywhere on screen.
If you start the bnb and you aren’t super close the first hit of the TK might miss and the second hit will be blocked.
IE off a jump in you should be close enough to > > cr.lp > TK
Lk tk sets up interesting stuff.

TU keeps you closer and isn’t that big of a difference in damage. I use it for characters that have a weak wake up game so that I can stay close to them.


Tested on Dee Jay:

st. mp xx TU xx FADC xx Low Ex Tiger Shot (if midscreen has to be early so that it just barely misses them), Ultra 2 - 423/506AS
Fullscreen combo: ex hi/lo FB, U2 - 315
super, U2 - 420 corner
tk xx super xx U2 - 604 about 2 chars away from corner seems to work all the time, else you need real precise timing.


ex TS hi/low into U2 works on every character at full screen and mid screen.

I’m sure all those combos are flashy but I’d rather stick with > > ex.tu for 300ish damage. With angry scar it does about 390 iirc
decent damage and hardly any meter spent.


c. lk, c. lp, c. lp xx TK (whiffs on some crouching models; no reason to test since I don’t play Sagat)



It whiffs on some people and it has a 1 frame link

awesome combo


You don’t have to use it, but by this point a 1 frame link shouldn’t be an issue. Dmg + space vs slightly more practice? Choose.


Does the c.lp really cause that much less pushback than another in order to make the TK hitting more reliable?