Sagat Combo Thread



Yah, c. lp causes that much less pushback. Went ahead and tested it on crouching models (was using Ryu earlier) and learned that I was wrong about it whiffing on that model (also used Vega). You just use mk TK for crouching and hk TK for standing. I was just looking at Sagat nerfs and wondering why nobody thought of TK finishers instead of TU now that ground TU does less damage.


I think everyone has been using Ex TU


Alright, make it easier on yourselves and look at,, standing lk xx TK. Similar to the jab, jab xx TK.


I’ve just been messing around trying to get some flashy combos in games so I can make a fun combo video. Here are some of the ones that I’ve been doing for fun… not necessarily for damage

J Hk > Cr lk > Cr mp > LTS > FADC > Cr mp > EX TU

J Hk > Cr lk > Cr mp > LTS > FADC > Cr mp > TU > FADC > F hk > Ultra 1

Cr lk > Cr lk > Cr mp > LTS > FADC > Cr HK

Cr lk > S lp > Cr mp > LTS > FADC > Cr HK

Cr lk > Cr mp > LTS > FADC > Cr mp > EX TK

Cr mp > Cr lp > LTS > FADC > Cr lk > S hk

Cr lk > Cr lk > Cr lp > Mk TK > AS TU (only in corner against crouching opponents)

Cr lk > Cr lk > Cr lp > Mk TK > AS TU > FADC back dash > Ultra 2 (only in corner against crouching opponents)

Don’t reply with “those aren’t practical and are worthless due to damage scaling” because I don’t care. They are just something that you can pull out to show off in a match that you are dominating in.

#205 because I’m gimp and can reliably execute it


Question. Opp. whiffs a SRK or a DP/Some sorta Uppercut. Im gonna punish, What Combos should i use? If possible Give a reason Why. Sorry to ask for so much. im new to SSF4 Just started playing when Super dropped cause i couldnt pass up on the price.


If you have Ultra, use ultra

If you have meter, Cl mp xx EX TU

If you have no meter, Cl mp xx HP TK

Those are the most damaging options as far as I know


Probably already been mentioned, but you can cancel his low step kick into Tiger Uppercut, Tiger Knee, Focus Attacks, etc. Good way to cover distance and it looks kinda funky, might catch some people off guard…


Are you serious?!

I had no idea, I’m going to have to check this out.
Thanks a bunch for finding this


It’s not that cr.lp causes less pushback it’s that the cr.lp moves Sagat forward when he does it which helps him in combos. cr.lp actually does more pushback then, but is better for block pressure. You can actually test this btw. After a cr.lp at point blank Sagat isn’t close enough to grab his opponent. After a he is.

And yeah you guys should be using TK in combos.


Yeah man, it works. The timing is pretty strict though. Also keep in mind it takes two EX meters to cancel into FA. I’m pretty sure you can cancel his high step kick (forward roundhouse) too, but I’ve found less use for it.


Awesome! I didnt even think of trying to test out the high step kick! How did you figure this out?! You are awesome dude.


Just dicking around in training mode. You can cancel into the super too, I think.

One more thing I’d like to mention, last I recall (roommate borrowed the game, haven’t played it much since) there are two different ways to cancel from the step kick. The first option is to cancel the move entirely, so you get the little dash step thing and then launch into the move; however, I’ve been able to cancel into the move after the low step kick connects as well.

Dunno, just play around with it in training mode. I’m actually pretty impressed, Sagat is not as one dimensional as people give him credit for. Now to just learn how to pull off the moves in actual combat. :wgrin:



oh man. That’s some Ono-class trollin’ right thurrr. LOLS!


I don’t get it. Honestly, it looks like both of them are being trolls…


cr. lk, cr. lk, cr. lp xx HP Tiger Uppercut


So I did this in a match on accident, LOL!
The step kick cancel thing!!! But it worked out so I am definitely going to start to try and learn how to use it! I’m still having trouble with the timing I think.
I wonder if you can cancel it into ultra!!!


Math time.

Step kick has 3 active frames and 16 recovery.
Hitting on 1st gives it a total of 18 frames recovery.
If it is +3 on hit, then it has 21 hitstun.

Low step kick = 21 hitstun (hitting on first frame)
Sagat’s advantage after low step kick FA: 21 (hitstun) - 17 (dash after FA) -4 (First 4 frames of FA can’t be cancelled)= 0

+1 or +2 on meaty.
Still can’t combo anything after that, theoretically. It’s actually worse than simply hitting it (+3 frame advantage, +4/+5 on meaty).

And then it hit me: You’re talking about a pseudo kara focus. Pseudo because you’re not supposed to spend Bar when doing a kara…

But still, other than that, the whole “low kick can be cancelled into TK/TU” has been around since vanilla hit the arcades.
And several normals can be focus cancelled before their active frames. Usually not the greatest thing, unfortunately.

But who knows… might be useful and surprise the opponent. I can only imagine doing that vs long range whiffs to get a focus before the ultra (high damage than upper fadc ultra, or not… since it’s only a measly 50dmg difference, and it scales worse with a focus, so I have no idea), or against other characters like dhalsim. Getting upclose and personal with a low kick EX Focus might be nice at midscreen.


what the fuck has happened to the sagat forums


Well obviously they got nerfed with Sagat.


i use ex tu into ultra often when i pick gat. does this work on everybody or was i lucky with my opponents.

also whats sagats hardest hitting combo, he got over 700? mines as, neutral jump hp, mp, ex tu, ultra 1 for around the 650ish.

ch crouching hp can combo into tu, what are the hardest ones?