Sagat Combo Thread



Now you have the scrubs coming who are ‘Yay sagat is not OP! Letz have fun!’ while even in Vanilla I doubt they can ever in their dreams use him at full capacity. This is what happened to the Sagat forums.


soo, will ultra 1 always juggle after ex tu on all characters or not?


No it will not.


If everybody had your mindset there wouldnt be any newblood at all and the game would die out. Try being helpful this is the main reason for these forums after all.

Im a scrub sagat and i only picked him for fun and so the 2 muay tai fighters where my main and secondary. So what about it? that mean i cant come to the gat forum for help.


what do you want help with?


Not got any questions as of yet just reading up on all the usefull gat material.


against which characters will sagat miss the ultra after a ex tu? link or list please.


cr.hp > cr.lp link. Very character specific, and you need a deep jumpin or a crumple or some crazy whiff, but it leads to decent damage, and ridiculous stun.

Any good? I just picked up Sagat and I’ve been playing around with it in training mode. It should be a killer when TU damage gets bumped because then it will outdamage xx HK Tiger Knee, and TK links off of the cr.lp don’t seem to get full hits under most circumstances.


What’s my best damage/most efficient combo off a focus crumple? I’ve been doing xx hk TK. xx tk seems to only get 1 hit on some characters. Anyone know which ones or am I crazy and it works on everyone?

After a low EX Tiger Shot in the corner you can do AC EX TU for some extra damage. You don’t get the first hit of the uppercut, but it’s something and it’s better than 1 hit of another EX TS.


Go for counter-hit cr.HP as frame-trap, into HP TU. Plenty of time to hit-confirm, cr.HP>cr.LP is pretty much useless outside of training mode.


I’ve been trying to fish for CH, should I be using cr.hp instead?


It depends on whether they do a delayed tech or if they mash tech. If it’s a delayed tech cr.hp is easier to time than Either one will work if you time it right. pushes back less so you can do it from farther away and combo into the TU.


i been using sagat for about 2 months have hard time connecting combos strings to tu,tn and what is the best use for kara tu? and any combo videos? ssf4 sagat only!!! my fav sagat is sunset01

  1. TU combos: only thing I can tell you is practice. Are you using a joypad or a stick? If you are using a stick, hold down-forward on your last hit of the combo and as soon as the normal comes out, move, Down, Down-Forward, HP and it will cancel into TU.

  2. Best use for kara TU is punishes or Anti-air. It’s just like TU only with more horizontal range. Make sure you learn to do it off F.HK, it comes out faster.

  3. There are tons of combo videos, and the majority of them are from SF4. With the exception of cancels, his combos are all still there. Practice cr.lp xx TU it allows you to hit confirm your TU with plenty of time.


i use a round 2 te. when i usally do a kara tu i hit then motion h.tu this is the only way i know how to do it is this the wrong way? also how bout his cross ups with his jump in lk that is what i really want to learn. thanks shadrende u been really helpfull.


You can kara tu off or is the better one to use because it comes out faster. The timing is harder because it’s faster but it’s easy once you get the rhythm down. I’m not sure what you want to know about his jump in lk cross up. You jump in at your opponent and make sure to hit the lk when you’re just about on top of them. It takes a few times in training mode to get the right distance to jump from so it connects as a cross up. After you land your cross up you can do whatever you want, lots of people follow up with a throw or to hit confirm a TU.

#237 kara goes farther than Both are useful.


thanks shadrende thanks kikuichimonji


Yeah I’ve been trying to work the frame trap into my game.

Yeah the only time I’ve found it to be useful is if I get a crumple on a fat character actually which is not too common of an occurrence where I land the crumple and didn’t just do backdash -> ultra.


It does go farther but honestly not by much, is more practical.