Sagat Combo Thread



I don’t know if this is already covered but:> xx Tiger Uppercut
You can even add a FADC>Ultra


Probably already known, didn’t see it in OP though:

Sagat 700 club combo:
Angry Scar, Counter Hit Neutral Jump Fierce > Stand Medium Punch xx Fierce Tiger Uppercut > FADC > Angry Scar > EX Tiger Uppercut > Ultra 1

733 damage, only works mid-screen (corner gets nerfed by corner issue with u1).


Can’t you get more damage with just AS -> j.hp -> xx hk TK FADC TU FADC U1?


Unfortunately I forgot to include the second AS’s meter usage when thinking about the 700 club, so it doesn’t qualify for it, the combo is still theoretically possible, but stupidly situation. I’d say you could flex the rules since technically, it IS possible to have an AS charged and have 4 bars. It was really just an experiment to see how much damage Sagat theoretically could do in the most ideal situation.

CH NJ.FP (175) > S.MP (85) > AS FP.TU (180) > FADC > AS EX.TU (240) > U1 (510)
CH NJ.FP (175) > S.MP (85) > RH.TK (160) > FADC > AS FP.TU (180) > FADC > U1 (510)

That’s all prior to scaling and whatnot, but, at a maximum my combo would do 60 more damage.


I’m always wondering if the TU > FADC > AS > Ex TU > Ultra is worth it (except to show off or when you’re sure it’ll finish the opponent).
What do you guys think?


After thinking about it, probably not. That takes 4 bars for an extremely risky combo, I think the meter could be utilized for other things.


I’m about to pick up Sagat more seriously as my second (after a few months playing endless) but I have a question for you kind Kings.

Is the, xx TU essential to Sagats gameplan? I find the lk links quite hard and also there seems to be distance problems? (or is that just me)

Everything else I seem to have covered at a basic level, but just not this. Given I haven’t spent anymore than 10 minutes here and there at it. It’s got reversal scrub attacks written all over it, that’s what worries me.


Even though I’m just as new to Sagat as you, I’ve found it pretty key to his game so far as you can go from connecting with something like a crouch tech into a 400-500 damage combo with ultra (depending on the ultra or if your opponent’s in the corner). So it’s massive for the comback potential, which is where Fei lacks a bit of strength, because a cr.LK doesn’t lead to any kind of big damage outside of a Super combo, so it’s a little odd to get used to doing it.

Though I’ve been doing a lot of cr.LK, cr.LK, cr.MP xx HP TU

instead of the cr.LK, cr.LK, cr.LP xx HP TU

(This causes problems though, because if the first cr.LK isn’t deep enough the TU whiffs after the cr.MP because of the pushback :confused: And I think doing only one cr.LK instead of two ends up doing less than the cr.LP cancel.)


You could hit-confirm with -> cr.lp. But then your blockstring potential is reduced greatly.

Plink and practice. That’s it. x2 -> cr.lp xx hp TU is extremely consistent. x2 -> xx hp TU only works kinda up-close.


Shit, I forgot you could plink lk (with lp crouching is that correct?). That should make it a bit easier. I’m used only plinking the Fierce & Strongs.


I just crawled out of a rock… how do you plink lk?




straight to the training room tonight for me :slight_smile:


Ok, so this Cr-lk,cr-lk, cr-lp xx TU business. Is this character specific? I’m getting too much push back. Given I’ve only tried it on Ryu & ken or is it my inputs?

I’m finding Cr-lk, cr-lk, cr-mp - TS to be more effective. (obviously no knockdown though)

#255,, cr.lp xx hp TU is not character specific. Is your TU whiffing? If so, you’re not getting hp TU. It has more range.


That would be why… I can’t remember reading that in the combo thread.

Thanks M8.


having trouble connecting c.lp into ts tn or tu??? any help have square gate round 2 te try that fwd dwn back dwn fwd dwn not really working good. do u plinking any of this double tap idk? im lost :frowning:


Can you use the arrow keys or keypad notation next time? I can’t read those inputs well, took me a long time to figure them out - and I’m not sure if yu meant down-forward or down and then forward. To get the arrows you can do ;l;;db;;d;;df;;r; for a half circle forwards, just replace the ;'s with :'s and then it will auto-format it. Also Tiger Knee is TK, not TN. If you write in full sentences with capitalization it’s easier to read and more people will respond to your post.

You don’t need to plink or double tap the cr.lp, it’s a 4 frame link. I plink the’s but not all the time.

Are you getting the links and missing the special? If you’re missing the links it’s just practice and timing. If you are missing the cancel into Tiger Uppercut or Tiger Knee what I do is I hold down back during -> -> cr.lp. Then I do the full normal DP motion, :r::d::df: or sometimes I do the :df::d::df: shortcut.


After playing about with and thinking about it a little bit, is there any real reason why you would use cr.LK, cr.LK, cr.LP xx HP TU instead of just 2x/3x cr.LK xx HP TU??

I can’t seem to work this one out myself I’m afraid…


Easier link, more time to hit-confirm than just two’s. Doesn’t really matter. Also, the third poke adds damage as compared to not doing it. If hit-confirming into ultra it is worth it to skip the cr.lp. xx hp TU does more damage but can whiff if you’re too far.