Sagat Combo Thread



Ahh right, so it’s just so you don’t end up missing the last link before the TU so you don’t miss it. Makes sense, thankyou :slight_smile:


sorry bout the inputs just a noob tryn to get my feet wet. thank you


when doing c.lp tk do you use light medium or hard?


If they are crouching: mk. If they are standing, you can use hk for more damage. hk also works on some crouching characters I believe, but that’s character specific.


and if i do it right just the tip on the tk should hit them right?


No, the point is to get both hits otherwise TU is better damage.


Okay guys, here is some fun stuff you might already know. The scenario where it’ll work is not likely to happen very often, but if you react, you can score some serious damage.

When an opponent does a FA too close, using s mk, you can link the following moves:

cr lp
cr lk
cr mp
Tiger upercut.

Also, here is an option select for a back dash some of you might not know:

It’s his normal cr short blockstring, but with a low step kick inserted where he was normally doing a sweep, or whatever. This could work on the characters whose back dashes were too far to hit with the sweet, and if you are good at your execution, you can lead the connected step kick into a cr lp xx whatever.


Good shit booty I will start practicing that now. Hit me up if you go in some casuals


thank you. so when i watch or bonchan or sunset01 do there block string combos i see just the tip of tk hit them is that the safer way?


Yes. TK is only safe if it hits near the end of the move. MK is probably the best to use in blockstrings, HK is useless in blockstrings.

Oh did you mean on block at first? I thought you meant as a combo, because cr.lp xx mk TK is a legitimate combo. Sorry.

Edit: Apparently according to the frame data only lk TK can be plus on block. MK is usually even-ish.


Isn’t lk TK going to be better in ae?


Might be old news, and somewhat pointless, but here is an option select that works for Abel:

Meaty cr lk, OS Throw, cr lk, cr lp xx TU… or whatever.

This might have other uses other than abel, but if does his ex roll on wakeup, you grab him. If he blocks, you do your block string. Not 100 % effective for his most likely options. I mean, he is more likely to do an EX throw if you are sitting at his feet throwing out meaties, but it is still an option select that might have a use other than a very specific situation with abel.


Considering Abels wake up is poor apart from ex roll to get him out, just do jump os throw then do cr shorts or whatever block string you want to do. thats the os I use on abel, works for everyone vs abel.


would>>st.lp> HP TU still be as good as the other variation


No, the st lp will whiff on many crouching opponents.


the most damaging one i did was easily over 700, but i dont remember it clearly, ill try it tommorow.

you need to have angry scar stocked though.

jump up fierce, now i dont remember if i did a standing Mp or not, fierce TU, AS, EXTU, Ultra 1.

also it might not work on everybody because EXTU into lutra doesnt hit on everybody. you do hit them higher with the EXTU, so im not sure about this.

does sagat not get a super/ae combo thread btw?


Um i don;'t know if its known already but if you catch someone neutral jumping at the peak of their jump above you with a dp you can catch them with a tk without meter. im not sure if it works on everyone though


U can catch them with full ultra aswell… ( This is an extremely old video btw lol)


yeah iv seen that but i didn’t know you could also do tK if you didnt have any kind of meter

oh by the way your a beast Jiji i follow your replays on xbl lol


These combos are past due