Sagat Combo Thread



Time to up my game… I’ve been slacking on building the muscle memory for these things but I don’t think I’ll get much further without them.


Can you elaborate a bit more on the unblockable setups? which characters is that useful on and is there a video or a match I can use for a visual reference?



At about 4.41 bonchan cr lp os ultra 1. My questions is I get the motion and I can get the os to connect off of backdash. But if block you get crlp> ex tk or reg hk tk. If thats right I guess it should just be used as a read instead of say sweep os or cr fp os which can be applied into a blockstring?? Any of you more skilled sagats (jiji,emblemlord) or anyone thats good with os in general give me an answer?


2lp 36 hk 236 kkk

same principle


general principle:
block = c.lp cancels the last frames into TS (236kkk will be during TS animation)
whiff = by inputing the 236kkk and c.lp whiffing , ultra 1 will come out.


I actually looked up the motions when I saw it. Just used the fei os thread. For so,em reason I get tk instead of ts. Actually landed it on a buddy tonight. Thnks fellas just need to refine myself inputs I guess


Ah im doing it wrong thanks again


What are his u2 combos?


Ive been away from the game a while and trying catch up to the latest and greatest stuff. Can someone explain this more? What exactly is this supposed to accomplish?


Full Screen EX FB into Ultra
AA fireball into Ultra
Forward HK into Ultra
EX corner Fire balls.

That’s about it. Only really useful in a small batch of matches, or if you feel like a change against a scrub.


or as anti-air from mid-full screen on almost the entire cast. I used to think it was only useful in a small batch of matches, then I started punishing mid-screen jumps and saw it as a great tool. If I see a wall jump, I get free damage. If bison tries his devils reverse, free ultra. There are only a few characters that I feel ultra 1 has a huge advantage. Otherwise I think ultra 2 shuts down more options for more of the cast and forces them to play differently.


I did think that for a while, but you can still AA with U1 although you don’t see it often. I choose U1 purely on the fact that a good player will walk you down eventually and the security of having a “get the fuck off me” 400+ Ultra is more valuable than the shit damage U2 offers - To me anyway. PLUS AA EX tiger uppercut - U1 - is a part to my game, I use that shit as a get out of jail free all the time. You can hear brains explode.

I’d only really choose U2 against , Blanka, Dhalsim, Guile and Gouken. I hear you on Bison, but I want to make him pay for his pressure.



I’m not sure about the usefulness but here’s another character specific U1 setup. I didn’t test it much but you can modify the combo and still get it work; like x2, st.lp ex tk U1 would fully combo.


I was more disagreeing with your statement that you claim that U2 is only useful in a small batch of matches. I think it is useful in almost every match. I can see your point that you prefer it for turtling, but there are few matches I choose to turtle in. I think that the only matches that U1 is overwhelmingly better in is balrog and the twins. The rest, I’m not sold that there is any SIGNIFICANT benefit for U1 any other match. If I’m missing something, please educate me. I’m still alternating between ultras on most characters to decide on which I like the most.


u1 is for damage. Imo is the best ultra only using ultra 2 for a few matches…i use it for honda (since u1 whiffs like a mofo on that homo) akuma(sometimes depends on the akuma) blanka, dhalsim and any projectile charater since hit confriming off an ex ts can be huge in those matches.


I don’t think your missing anything, it comes down to play style and how comfortable you are I guess. I’m just pointing out for me, when playing with high level players, they will get past your/my zoning, it’s just a matter of when. If and when that happens, smart players will lay off knowing you have 2 bars and U1 stocked, it eases that pressure just a tad.

There’s 2 schools of thought for everything. Akuma is the perfect example, you can threaten him with U2 on a bad fireball, but for me, he WILL end up in my face, no doubt, I want that FADC because I know if I land it, he’s as good as dead. I find the harder the match, the more important it is for me to have U1 stocked. The only exception to this is Dhalsim, and obviously the mirror.

With U2 sometimes I find you start fishing, like dudley would with his Ultra that goes through fireballs and your game plan suffers. I find I can concentrate on my game better with U1.


I use u1 vs akuma because that fool has low life. When you hit him you need to hit him hard


Can sagat do a combo into sweep in ver.2012 still?


sure. A frame perfect meaty crouching short will combo into sweep. A perfect meaty fireball will. And a well spaced fireball FADC will combo into sweep


You can also os sweep on wake up