Sagat Combo Thread



Looking to pick up Sagat and I have a question.

Are the combos in the first post still applicable in 2012? Is there anything that’s changed drastically that would make any of the combos in the first post impractical?


Yeah all that shit works fine.

What’s everyone favorite swag combo?

j.HK c.LK c.MP c.lp xx LK Tiger Shot FADC c.lp xx LK Tiger Shot FADC s.HK xx HK Tiger Knee

Feels so sexy to hit all those links while you run some fool for like ten seconds of his life and shove him nearly across the entire screen. Love it.


That sounds pretty swag. I would love to see that combo.


Just played an online match against a fei long player. Just comboed a st.lp into far st.rh on counter hit. Any body else ever do this ?


Got an alert for this thread, was excited someone posted in the ST sagat thread…then I see oh…it’s for this slower more boring game:coffee:


Is c.LK > c.LK , c.LP xx HP TU still Sagat’s main BnB (if yes - why)? It only does 168 damage while
c.LK > c.LK , c.LP xx HK TK does 196 damage (hits standing opponents) and
c.LK > c.LK , c.LP xx MK TK does 182 damage (hits crouching&standing).
All three combos do 280 stun.


Due to the fact that the TK hitbox is ass, the HK TK ender has the risk of uncomboing the 2nd hit of the tiger knee if not started at dead close range and whiffs on some people with wierd hitbox (like vega cammy and even on ryu it can whiff) so it’s not reliable.


Ah, okay - thanks. I’ll still try using MK and HK TK enders to get a feel for when they can be used.


Lol at the ‘if yes-why?’ you have to ask Capcom that, ask them why a guy that is 7 feet, 300 pounds does ass damage.

Sagat’s BnB’s aren’t as great as most of the characters, they are pretty situational. I.E combo finishing with cr.mpxxTU doesn’t always work if you hit confirm it because it pushes sagat further back/pushes opponent back as well. When you jump in close, do, cr.lp xxtk it works no problem, but if you do, cr.mpxxtk it won’t work a lot of the times. That’s a lot of damage left on the table.

I hope in the next update TK forces stand


Forcing stand would be nice, but I’d happily just take increased DP damage :slight_smile: Does anyone regularly use combos off of CH CrHP > crMK xx ? Or low step kick > cr. LP xx ?


I’ve only done the CH. Crhp in Crmk ONCE, I normally just go for the TU right after the CH. I don’t know if it’s character specific, I should try it out more, it does a solid 299 damage.

I ALWAYS do low step kick into cr.lp. Hit’s low, and is great because it moves sagat forward and it can’t be punished on block, unless you have a fast starting super.


Hi guys, I’m trying to make a statistic regarding combos (all characters) and I need a little help. I need 2 combos per character:

  • Best BnB combo
  • Best punish combo
    You can use max 3 bars, but it must work midscreen, on at least half the cast, at least standing, and it should be practical. No jump in/counterhit/Ultra/Super. Thank you


Teorical Best punish for sagat : ST.Mk > c.lp > tu/tk (not sure for fadc since is a 2 hitter and it might scale too much for fadc combos)

bnb : > > c.lp xx tu/tk


so i played sagat in vanilla and when super came out i played him and ryu. then hong kong tier happened and i kind of took some time off. now i’m back and for some reason i cannot hit c. lk c.lp. is the timing more strict now? i can do c.lp xx lts/tu/tk all day. but that second lk evades me.


It’s the same timing so just hit the lab :slight_smile:



thats the rhythm.

Go slow, trust me. Just practice by linking 3 to 4’s in a row.


i spent a year playing injustice, sfxt, mahvel, ggxxac, and blazblue so its no surprise that i’m probably mashing too quick. i do have my balrog cr. lp cr. lp, cr. lk xx headbutt back though. so thats a start.


I’ve been playing sagat for awhile now but I’m just getting to grips with his links. I can pull off ex.ts into ultra but my question is this. I can’t seem to end with a tu or tk, what can I do to help pull it off? When I do the ex.ts it seems to come out because I’ve plinked the then move the stick to forwards whilst holding the punches. Is this coming out because of negative edge?
Sorry bit of a combo newb.


Best way to end in a Dp motion is to not move your stick/pad from the down position at the end of the combo. So if your ending in TU your last motion should be -

DF - D - DF or if you are blocking while doing the combo you go from DB to DF - D - DF and let the shortcuts read the uppercut.

It’s just a little wiggle on the corners of the gate (if you use stick).


I do, and I’ve tried this to some degree but when I put in the shortcut motions it throws if my combo timing, can I perform the whole shortcut after I’ve hit the